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USE ITor LOSE IT! COMMUNICATION OCCURS IN THE BRAIN Auditory Nerve When we lose our ability to hear, the ear stops sending needed information to the brain, which affects our ability to understand what is being said. This is called Auditory Deprivation. (sends message to brain) Middle Ear Auditory Deprivation may impair the way the brain processes sound. The solution may be hearing aids. Hearing aids may help send the correct information to the brain and may protect the brain from atrophy. Untreated Hearing Loss May Lead to Demen ntia Download the Johns Hopkins study at S Y A 5D ! Y L N O Ear Drum Ear Canal Cochlea ly t On men t n i po y Ap B $ 0 0 5 0% 9 10 ids O C Q gA All A Hearin d with bine tal Digi t be com f fers. o ro Cann ny othe a IIC – Invisible-In-Canal FREE TECHNOLOGY DEMO RIC – Receiver-In-Canal HEAR FOR YOURSELF the difference AccuQuest hearing technology can make! • 96% User Satisfaction • Fits Almost Every Hearing Loss • 30% Improved Speech Understanding • Rechargeable Options • 20% Reduction in Listening Effort • Invisible-In-Canal Design or Receiver-In-Canal Design SPECIAL HEARING EVENT JULY THESE 5 DAYS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! MONDAY 8 TUESDAY 9 WEDNESDAY 10 THURSDAY 11 FRIDAY 12 WE WILL BEAT ANY COMPETITOR’S PRICES ON EXACT OR SIMILAR MODELS! BRING YOUR WRITTEN QUOTE TO US BEFORE YOU BUY! FREE OTOSCOPY & HEARING SCREENING >> NO OBLIGATION << Expires: 7/12/19 FREE IN-OFFICE HEARING AID REPAIRS We can fix most hearing aids in our lab (parts available). Cannot be combined with any other offers. Expires: 7/12/19 FREE 2 PACKS OF 4 BATTERIES Limit 2 Packs Per Customer Cannot be combined with any other offers. Expires: 7/12/19 Heather Grinder, H.I.S. Josh Elzinga, Au.D. Hearing Instrument Specialist Doctor of Audiology License #17001478A License #23002488A CALL TOLL-FREE TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT (888) 698-2094 (888) 929-5458 (888) 988-8546 HIGHLAND 2148 45th Street Se Habla Español MERRILLVILLE 9120 Connecticut Dr. Suite C OAK FOREST 6066 W. 159th Street Over 150 convenient locations nationwide • Visit us at Bluetooth is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., USA. PROMO CODE N-NIT-364-FP-C

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