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WE NEED 107 PEOPLE To participate in a field evaluation of the newest hearing technologies TECHNOLOGY FIELD TEST During this limited time event, we are looking for people like you, who may be experiencing varying levels of hearing loss, to evaluate a brand new line of hearing aids designed especially to reduce listening effort in noisy environments, communicate ear-to-ear, and even connect wirelessly to your TV, stereo, or computer. QUALIFIED PARTICIPANTS WILL RECEIVE: 1. FREE hearing screening including: VIDEO OTOSCOPY A video inspection of your ear canal. Your problem may just be wax. BASELINE SCREENING Find out which pitches and tones you are hearing and which you are missing and how that impacts your ability to understand words. SPEECH UNDERSTANDING ASSESSMENT See how well you are hearing and understanding conversations. FAMILIAR VOICE TEST Let’s make sure you can understand the voices most important to you. Bring a loved one to your appointment so we can check your hearing and 2. FREE in-office demonstration 3. 30-day field evaluation OTOSCOPY & HEARING SCREENING Expires: 5/31/19 On a Pair of AQ VIRTUALLY UNDETECTABLE! Cannot be combined with any other offers. Expires: May 31, 2019 NOW THROUGH MAY 31st By Appointment Only >> NO OBLIGATION << OFF MSRP SPRING HEARING EVENT to schedule an appointment FREE 500 $ Premium 100% Digital Hearing Aiids understanding of his or her voice. CALL NOW Our newest Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aids are designed to make listening both easier and more enjoyable. They can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth®, to your TV, radio, or computer, and stream stereo sound directly into your ears at an amplification level tailormade for you. And with wireless ear-to-ear communication, your hearing aids are engineered to Test this Breakthrough communicate and coordinate with each other, enhancing your Wireless Device listening quality and eliminating the need to adjust each device manually. These instruments also include the most advanced feedback (buzzing and whistling) elimination, noise reduction, and speech preservation systems, and are resistant to water, humidity, perspiration, and corrosion—inside and out. FREE IN-OFFICE HEARING AID REPAIRS We can fix most hearing aids in our lab (parts available). Cannot be combined with any other offers. Expires: 5/31/19 FREE 2 PACKS OF 4 BATTERIES Limit 2 Packs Per Customer Cannot be combined with any other offers. Expires: 5/31/19 Heather Grinder, H.I.S. Josh Elzinga, Au.D. Hearing Instrument Specialist License #17001478A Doctor of Audiology CALL TOLL-FREE TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT (888) 283-1626 (888) 277-9109 (888) 200-6930 2148 45th Street 9120 Connecticut Dr. Suite C 6066 W. 159th Street HIGHLAND MERRILLVILLE OAK FOREST Over 150 convenient locations nationwide • Visit us at License #23002488A Bluetooth is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., USA. PROMO CODE N-NIT-419-FP-C

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