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Thinking About Hearing Aids? L A I C SPE S R E F OF $ 9! 31 , 201 Y A M End st 500 OFFMSRP on All AQ 100% Premium Digital Hearing Aids Don’t wait, this special offer ends MAY 31st! This week only get $500 off MSRP on a pair of premium, fully digital AccuQ Quest hearing aids, including the IIC (Invisible-In-Canal) featured here. This is amon ng our most powerful invisible hearing solutions. Featuring HD Speech Focuss Processing™ technology, it analyzes incoming sound 20,000 times a second, quieting background noise so speech can comes through clearly without any whistling or buzzing noises. You will receive all the features and benefits that you want in a digital hearing aid - without anyone even knowing you are wearing one. Call today to schedule your appointment. Offer ends May 31st, 2019. THESE 4 DAYS! CLOSED MONDAY MAY Take part in these money-saving offers now through MAY 31st, 2019. 27 TUESDAY 28 WEDNESDAY 29 THURSDAY 30 FRIDAY 31 By Appointment Only Financing Available Wells Fargo Health Advantage™ financing FREE HEARING SCREENING Interest for 18 Months Video Otoscopy Other flexible payment options – including personal check, A video inspection of your ear canal. Your problem may just be wax. all major credit cards and convient payment plans. Contact Office for details. 500 $ Baseline Screening Find out which pitches and tones you are hearing or missing and how that impacts your ability to understand. OFF Speech Understanding Assessment MSRP See how well you are hearing and understanding conversations. Familiar Voice Test Audiology & Hearing Centers All AQ 100% Premium Hearing g Aids A Let’s make sure you can understand the voices most important to you. Bring a loved one to your appointment so we can check your hearing and understanding of his or her voice. Now you can use the phone again – with confidence! YOUR CE! CHOI CaptionCall® phone with professional certifica ation Cannot be combined any other offers. Expires: 5/31/19 CaptionCall® is a revolutionary phone that displays written captions of what your callers say on a large, easy-to-read screen. Bluetooth is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., USA. Heather Grinder, H.I.S. Hearing Instrument Specialist License #17001478A CALL NOW TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT (888) 284-1317 (888) 279-6023 (888) 306-7123 2148 45th Street 6066 W. 159th Street HIGHLAND MERRILLVILLE 9120 Connecticut Drive, Suite C Josh Elzinga, Au.D. Doctor of Audiology License #23002488A OAK FOREST PROMO CODE Over 150 convenient locations nationwide • Visit us at N-NIT-397-FP-C

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