Details for Tmc Ad

Find Us At let us take a look first! 10 E SAV $ Oil Change inCludes: • Up to 5qts. Motor Oil • Oil Filter • Lubricate Chassis • Fill Washer Fluid • Wash Windshield 00 oil change on any or service CheCks inClude: added BeneFiTs: • Tire Pressure • Transmission Fluid • Reset Oil Light • Wiper Blades • Power Steering Fluid Indicator • Battery • Brake Fluid • Provide Reminder • Exterior Lights • Antifreeze/Coolant By Mail • Air/Cabin Filters • Warning Lights • Provide Window • Serpentine Belts Sticker for Next Service • Provide FREE Tire or Fluid Checks Anytime! Exp: 2-28-19 Not valid with any other same service offer CODE: TMC12 repairs saVe $25 on your next repair over $50. Not Valid With Any Other Offer. Exp: 2-28-19. TMC11

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