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Today is sunday, aug. 12, The 224Th day of
2018. There are 141 days lefT in The year.
Today’s highlighTs in hisTory: and acknowledged that he’d had an
extramarital affair with another man.
on augusT 12, 1981, IBM
introduced its first personal computer, Ten years ago: Declaring

the model 5150, at a press conference in “the aggressor has been punished,”
the Kremlin ordered a halt to Russia’s
New York.
devastating assault on Georgia — five
on This daTe:
in 1859, poet and English professor days of air and ground attacks that left
homes in smoldering ruins and uprooted
Katharine Lee Bates, who wrote the
words to “America the Beautiful,” was 100,000 people. Michael Phelps won the
200-meter freestyle for his third gold
born in Falmouth, Mass.
medal at the Beijing Games.
in 1898, fighting in the Spanishfive years ago: James “Whitey”
American War came to an end.
Bulger, the feared Boston mob boss
In 1909, the Indianapolis Motor
became one of the nation’s mostSpeedway, home to the Indianapolis
wanted fugitives, was convicted in
500, first opened.
a string of 11 killings and dozens of
in 1937, President Franklin D.
other gangland crimes, many of them
Roosevelt nominated Hugo Black to the committed while he was said to be an
U.S. Supreme Court.
FBI informant. (Bulger is now serving a
in 1944, during World War II,
life sentence in federal prison.)
Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., eldest son of
one year ago: A car plowed
Joseph and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, into a crowd of people peacefully
was killed with his co-pilot when their protesting a white nationalist rally in the
explosives-laden Navy plane blew up Virginia college town of Charlottesville,
over England.
killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer and
in 1953, the Soviet Union conducted hurting more than a dozen others.
a secret test of its first hydrogen bomb. (The 21-year-old Ohio man accused
in the attack, James Alex Fields, would
in 1962, one day after launching
Andrian Nikolayev into orbit, the Soviet face a state murder charge and federal
hate-crimes charges.) President Donald
Union also sent up cosmonaut Pavel
Trump condemned what he called
Popovich; both men landed safely
egregious display of hatred,
Aug. 15.
in 1977, the space shuttle Enterprise bigotry and violence on many sides;”
passed its first solo flight test by taking Democrats and some Republicans
off atop a Boeing 747, separating, then called on Trump to specifically
touching down in California’s Mojave denounce white supremacy. Two
Virginia state policemen were killed in
(moh-HAH’-vee) Desert.
a helicopter crash while monitoring the
in 1985, the world’s worst
Charlottesville protests.
single-aircraft disaster occurred as a
Today’s BirThdays: Actor
crippled Japan Airlines Boeing 747
George Hamilton is 79. Actress Dana
on a domestic flight crashed into a
Ivey is 77. Actress Jennifer Warren is 77.
mountain, killing 520 people. (Four
Rock singer-musician Mark Knopfler
people survived.)
(Dire Straits) is 69. Actor Jim Beaver
in 1992, after 14 months of
is 68. Singer Kid Creole is 68. Jazz
negotiations, the United States, Mexico musician Pat Metheny is 64. Actor Sam
and Canada announced in Washington J. Jones is 64. Actor Bruce Greenwood is
that they had concluded the North
62. Country singer Danny Shirley is 62.
American Free Trade Agreement.
Pop musician Roy Hay (Culture Club)
Avant-garde composer John Cage died is 57. Rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot is 55. Actor
in New York at age 79.
Peter Krause is 53. Actor Brent Sexton is
in 2000, the Russian nuclear
51. International Tennis Hall of Famer
submarine Kursk and its 118-man crew Pete Sampras is 47. Actor-comedian
were lost during naval exercises in the Michael Ian Black is 47. Actress Yvette
Barents Sea.
Nicole Brown is 47. Actress Rebecca
in 2004, New Jersey Gov. James E. Gayheart is 47. Actor Casey Affleck
McGreevey announced his resignation is 43. Rock musician Bill Uechi is 43.


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