Details for Town of Highland - Public Hearing of Pro

TOWN OF HIGHLAND NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF PROPOSED ADDITIONAL APPROPRIATIONS Notice is hereby given the taxpayers of the Town of Highland, Lake County, Indiana, that the Town Council of said Municipality in said Municipal Building, 3333 Ridge Road, at 7:00 p.m. on the 25th day of February 2019, will consider the following additional appropriations in excess of the budget for the current year in the following funds: REDEVELOPMENT CAPITAL FUND Increase the following accounts: Acct 096.0000.31005 Engineering & Architects $10,890.00 Acct 096.0000.31007 Maintenance I Repairs $ 3,328.00 Acct 096.0000.31008 Tree Replacement $ 4,889.00 Acct 096.0000.34002 Facade Improvement Grants $ 104,472.00 Acct 096.0000.39012 Land Acquisition Legal Services $ 32,500.00 Acct 096.0000.39025 Property Appraisal Services $ 15,000.00 Acct 096.0000.39026 Demolition Services $ 76,270.00 Total Series: $247,349.00 Acct 096.0000.40000 Purchase of Realty $ 1,723,961.00 Acct 096.0000.42001 Wayfinding & Decorative Signs $ 75,815.00 $1,799,776.00 Total for the Fund: $2,047,125.00 Funds to support these additional appropriations in the Redevelopment Capital Fund shall be from interest earnings, miscellaneous revenues, and unassigned fund balance on deposit to the credit of the Fund. Taxpayers appearing at such meeting shall have a right to be heard thereon. The additional appropriations, as finally made, will be filed with the Department of Local Government Finance, for its information and file. TOWN COUNCIL of HIGHLAND Steven Wagner, President By: Michael W. Griffin, IAMC/MMC/CPFA/CPFIM/CMO Clerk-Treasurer 2/14 -1947 -hspaxlp

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