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PAIDADVERTISEMENT A Gummy a Day… And Aches Melt Away! Top Doctors Now Recommend Hemp Gummy Bears For Relief From Discomfort, Frazzled Nerves, And Even Forgetfulness By Chad Kole, Senior Health Correspondent ATLANTA, GA — Don’t let their cute looks fool you – hemp-filled Gummy Bears are monster leaders in a market that’s poised for explosive growth, while delivering remarkable relief. According to a recent report from cannabis industry analysists, the Brightfield Group, the hemp market is slated to reach an astronomical $22 billion by 2022. And that’s thanks, in part, to the U.S. government lifting a 77-year old ban that unfairly categorized hemp as marijuana. Not Pot – just a mega dose of relief While hemp and marijuana are part of the cannabis sativa plant species, there exist a huge difference between the two: Hemp extract contains zero levels of THC, the chemical compound that gives the sought-after high. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to get high from hemp because simply put, hemp is not pot. However hemp does contain a concentration of cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s been clinically shown to relieve discomfort, soothe frazzled nerves, douse inflammation, improve mood, enhance sleep and even ignite your sex drive – all without getting you high. Targeted relief – without nasty side effects Dr. Joseph Wezensky, a Specialist in Preventative and Regenerative Medicine and a Medical Expert on hemp extract, is one of thousands of doctors now recommending hemp extract to patients. He explains: “Hemp extract delivers fast and powerful relief by tapping into your body’s natural endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS was discovered in 1992 when Israli researcher Dr. Raphael Mechoulam uncovered a neurotransmitter chemical in the brain that’s nearly identical to compounds found in cannabis. Further research confirmed that ECS regulates all your body systems to keep you in balance” says Wezensky. He adds, “ECS regulates hormones, repairs damaged cells, controls inflammation, stimulates sexual performance and even determines the speed of aging. When ECS doesn’t work properly – your entire body suffers. But scientists have discovered that cannabinoids – found in hemp extract – naturally boost your ECS function to restore body balance.” Wezensky continues, “here’s an example of how cannabinoids can balance hormones: If you suffer from undue worry or stress, 2 things are happening. Your adrenal glands are probably producing too much of the hormone called adrenalin. And you’re not Dr. Joseph Wezensky, a specialist in Preventative and Regenerative Medicine and a Medical Expert on hemp, is one of thousands of doctors now recommending hemp extract to patients. producing adequate cannabinoid receptors to attach itself to, and neutralize, the excess adrenalin. The results? Panic attacks, frazzled nerves and even rapid heartbeats. When you increase your levels of cannabinoids – they quickly attach to the right receptors to signal your body to stop producing excess adrenalin. So your body calms down and returns to balance naturally. This is far better than just masking your symptoms with anti-depressants or other dangerous drugs.” That’s why thousands of clinical trials and studies show hemp extract works for so many health problems including: joint aches, nerves and undue worry, poor sleep, energy drain, low libido, “pins and needles” sensations and soft erections. Cannabidiol in hemp extract naturally bonds to the ECS to restore homeostasis – and helps you maintain optimum health and vitality. No more pills to swallow In general, the flavor of hemp is considered “earthy” – meaning it tastes like grass and dirt. That’s why so many hemp oil manufacturers attempt to mask the taste with artificial flavorings. To get the clinical dose of 5mg of hemp extract in a pill, users must practically swallow a horse pill. For an over 50-market that suffers from sensitive stomachs and gag reflex problems, this is problematic. And for seniors already taking an average of 5 pills a day – adding yet another pill to the routine is not desirable. Gummy Bears – a “special” candy for adults with discomfort aftertaste. Just delicious Cherry, Pink Grapefruit, Watermelon, Strawberry, Orange, Blue Raspberry, Lime, Grape, Green Apple, Mango, Pineapple, or Lemon flavors to enjoy — just like you did when you were a kid. “With Americans looking for alternatives to dangerous and addictive drugs, the introduction of Hemp Gummy Bears couldn’t come at a better time” says Wezensky. Special invitation to sample Hemp Gummy Bears completely RISK FREE. 100% money back guarantee PLUS an additional $10 if not completely satisfied with results Medici Quest – the only authorized distributor of Hemp Gummy Bears invites readers to sample Hemp Gummy Bears for relief from joint aches, headaches, frazzled nerves, inflammation and even “mystery” health problems that stump your doctor. Experience the power of potent hempfilled Gummy Bears for yourself. There is no risk to sampling Hemp Gummy Bears, in fact, results are guaranteed with a 100% money back guarantee plus and additional $10. If users are not completely satisfied with results after using Hemp Gummy Bears for 90 days, simply return the empty bottle(s) for an expedited refund – along with the bonus $10. How to get Hemp Gummy Bears during this limited time distribution Because of the unprecedented call volume for Hemp Gummy Bears, a special hotline phone number has been established. Hemp Gummy Bears relieve the problem. Users get the optimum clinical dose of 5mg of pure hemp extract – grown and cultivated in pristine conditions in Colorado, U.S.A. With the breakthrough delivery method, there’s no pill to swallow. Just chew one of the 12 varieties of fruit flavors to release the powerful relief of hemp extract in every Gummy Bear. Call Toll Free 1-800-791-7417 to place your order and it will be filled while supplies last. This is the only number to call to qualify for this special, lowest price introductory offer. It is also the only number that can offer you an extra strength dose if you feel your discomfort is severe. This original formula of Hemp Gummy Bears is not available on the internet – so don’t be fooled by imposters. The rapid absorption from chewing the gummies means faster relief from joint discomfort. No bitter or repulsive Due to recent media exposure phone lines may be busy. Please be patient if you do not get through immediately. THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE.

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