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Proper preparation provides pretty properties Nick Shaw, Owner-Lawn Doctor For the last decade, Lawn Doctor has made suggestions and predictions about lawn care and the weather. We service just over 17 million square feet of lawns every six weeks, and believe that being prepared for seasonal challenges is better than trying to make predictions. rainfall and 90 degree temps after Memorial day. We had lawns with standing water in the back yard and signs of drought stress on the front. In order to be prepared, I recommend the following tips: Tip #1: Schedule your irrigation system turn-on This year, our 3-part series for April. Do that RIGHT will address different NOW. Don’t wait until preparedness items you can the lawn is burnt up. Your work on now, while it is still irrigation system is the cold out, so you can avoid largest piece of equipment scrambling when mother you own, with dozens of nature throws us a curve ball. sprinkler heads, wires, This article is dedicated to controller, vales, and pipes equipment preparation. Next everywhere. Like any week, I will focus on lawn machine it needs regular care care, and I will wrap up the to be sure it is up to snuff. series discussing tree care. Tip #2: Tune up your We only think about our mower soon. Crazy rainfall outdoor equipment while amounts in May lead to we are actually using it, or lawns overgrowing, and our after it breaks. With an often lawn mowers overwhelmed. short Spring, it pays to have Perform maintenance on your equipment prepared your mower including ahead of time. For example, sharpening or replacing your 2018 gave us a very short blades, changing the oil, “spring” with snow falling replacing the spark plugs, and checking for tire issues. in mid-April, record May Tip #3: Sharpen or replace your tools, pruning sheers, and hand clippers. Even chain saw blades should be sharpened or replaced. Tip #4: Consider “greening” up your equipment. Battery powered riding and push mowers are becoming more common. Not only does the robotic mower I use make virtually no noise, but it is also battery powered, and does the work on its own (win-win-win). Cordless leaf blowers are surprisingly powerful (we are field testing them for our business this season). I installed a smart irrigation system controller and cut my water usage 32% last year. For those paying city water prices, that is money saved, and water conserved. NEXT WEEK’S TOPIC: LAWN CARE SPECIAL SPRING OFFERS! of West Lake County 50% OFF First Service* New customers only, must sign up for full-service program * 1103 E Hwy 330 Griffith, IN 46319 219.440.7098 $25 OFF with Referral** Referral must sign up for full-service program **

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