Details for PORTER COUNTY IRON AND METAL / EMP - Ad from 2020-08-02

The Torch Operator is a vital piece of the Metals Recycling Team!
This position processes materials by cutting to mill specs using
a propane and oxygen torching system.
Essential Job Functions include, but are not limited to:
• Completes daily inspections on all torches, hoses, manifolds, and surrounding area of torch
operation. Inspects and repairs torch hoses as necessary
• Cuts, trims, or scarfs metal objects to dimensions, torch cuts metal objects to specified
dimensions and grades of scrap by work order, or oral instructions, using a company
provided oxygen and propane torch.
• Sorts cut material into mill specks
• Torch cut
• Maintains a clean working environment and completes weekly cleanings
• Cleans and completes general care routines on torches
• Operates torches with care and utilizes extreme caution when torching
• Complies with safety regulations and maintains clean and orderly work areas

Education and Experience Required:
• Experience with Torch is preferred but not necessary

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:
• Must understand different types of material and correctly classify
• Must have the ability to perform tasks while following safety protocol
• Must have good observations skills
• Recognition of positional dangers and fire explosives
• The ability to tell when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong
• Must have basic skill set to safely and effectively operate torch

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