Details for WISE GUYS LIQUOR STORE - WEISS ENTITIES - Ad from 2019-06-19

LIQUORS BRA E L E C ★ EVEnTs Saturday:6/29/19-Cocktails for the 4th of July Mixology Saturday:7/06/19-Frozen Cocktail Mixology…Beat the Heat! Coming Soon - A very Special Event! Exclusive release of “Wilson” a beer Colaboration with Off Square and Wiseguys Liquors! Only available at Wiseguys. Thanks! FOR VOTInG Us YOUR nUMBER 1 LIQUOR sTORE In nORThWEsT InDIana In ThE TIMEs BEsT OF REGIOn FOR sIX YEaRs In a ROW!!!! $8 99 Smirnoff Vodka Flavors 750ml BUY!!! Bacardi Rum Flavors 750ml $9 99 (introducing bacardi lime) Blue Chair Bay Spiced, White or Coconut Rum $14 99 750ml SAUzA SILVER OR GOLD TEQUILA 750ML SMIRNOFF ORIGINAL VODKA 1.75l cAPTAIN MORGAN SPIcED RUM 1.75l $1599 $1199 $2199 Malibu Original Rum 1.75l Jack Daniels Old No.7# Black 750ml Ole Smoky Moonshine $1499 $1399 $1499 1.75l $1599 $21 $2 2/ $400 asst. varieties 750ml “Introducing pickles, blue Razzin berry and Strawberry Mango Margarita” $19 Sam Adams $14 99 99 $13 99 $15 15pk 12oz cans High Life or High Life Light $1199 18pk 12oz bottles or cans 99 12.5oz can asst. varieties Daily’s Cocktail Pouches 10oz pkg Malibu Daquiri, Blue Hawaiian, Pineapple Twist or Rum Punch $1599 1.75l RTD Cocktails Jose Cuervo Authentic Ready to Drink Margarita asst. varieties 1.75l $1599 1800 Ready to Drink Ultimate Margarita and asst. varieties 1.75l $1899 $700 2/ Master of Mixes asst. Cocktail Mixers or bloody Mary Mix 1 liter Chi-Chi’s Pre Made Cocktails 1.75l $1099 Lagunitas IPA or Little Sumpin Sumpin 12pk bottles $1499 Michelob Ultra, Bud Light orange, Lime or Lemon Tea ea Truly, White Claw or Spiked Seltzer Twisted tea regular, half-nhalf or variety pack 12pk 12oz cans Mike’s Hard Lemonade Founders All Day IPA o Green Zebra $1499 $1499 $1499 $1499 $1499 Rolling Rock, Busch or Busch Light 12pk 12oz bottles 99 Blue moon 355ml can asst. varieties 30pk 12oz cans $1599 asst. varieties 12pk 12oz bottles 12pk 12oz boTTleS Seagram’s Extra Dry Gin $19 Cutwater Ready to Enjoy Cocktails 99 Goose Island 12pk 12oz boTTleS 750ml (Salty Caramel, banana pudding, bread pudding or whipped orange cream) 99 $229 12pk 12oz bottles 18pk 12oz boTTleS Jackson Morgan Southern Cream Whiskey Liqueur $1199 $2099 Heineken, Heineken Light or Amstel Light cORONA, cORONA LIGhT,cORONA PREMIER, cORONA FAMILIAR, LEINENKUGEL SUMMER MODELO, NEGRA MODELO, ShANDY AND ASST. PAcIFIcO OR VIcTORIA VARIETIES Fireball 750ml Monaco Premium Mixed Cocktails asst. varieties 12pk 12oz bottles or cans MILLER LITE, MGD, MILLER 64, cOORS OR cOORS LIGhT, BUD OR BUD LIGhT TION! ★ asst. varieties 12pk 12oz bottles Smirnoff Ice and asst. varieties 6pk 12oz bottles Jack Daniels Country Cocktails $18 $1399 $1099 $1499 $699 $749 99 or 12th of Never and Sumpin easy 12pk cans 12pk 12oz cans 15pk 12oz cans Revolution Everyday Heroes 15pk 12oz cans Bell’s Oberon 12pk 12oz bottles or cans Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails variety pack 6pk 12oz bottles 12pk 12oz cans Sale prices effective Wednesday 6/19/19 through Tuesday 7/10/19 come and checkout our updated 90 + rated wines under $20 section. All wines rated by Spectator, Enthusiast and other tasting panels. $799 Cupcake Rose 750ml BUY!!! Terra D’ Oro Moscato 750ml DISCOUNT LIQUORS INDIANA’S LARGEST LIQUOR STORE US 30-hOBART 16,000 SQ. FT. 1634 E. 80th Ave (219) 525-4665 chESTERTON 1601 S. CALUMET RD. CHESTERTON (219) 728-1811 93RD & TAFT-MERRILLPOINT 7,200 sq. ft. 9133 Taft Street (93rd & Taft) (219) 791-9419 Wiseguys carries the largest selection of Craft beer, beer wine and spirits with the best vvalues. The Tim es Best of Regio n VOTED LIQUOR BEST 2014 & 2STORE 2016 & 015 2018 & 2017 2019 REGGAE RED, BLUSh, WhITE OR SANGRIA WINE Barone Fini Pinot Grigio 750ml 750Ml $699 19 cRIMES cABERNET, chARDONNAY Y, RED, ShIRAz, DARK RED, PINOT NOIR GED OR RUM AGED WINE 750Ml $799 $799 Oliver Moscato, Blueberry Moscato, Cherry Moscato $999 De La Costa Sangria $999 750ml 750ml $6 99 Barefoot Wine Spritzers 2/ Mionetto Brut Prosecco $1099 Bota Box $1699 250ml can asst. varieties (perfect for picnics!) Ava Grace Rose 750ml $6 49 750ml $400 3 liter wine asst. varietals Kendall Jackson ackson Vitners Reserve Chardonnay MUTUA SAUVIGNON BLANc 750ml Meiomi Pinot Noir $1899 New! Barefoot Moscato Peach, Apple or Strawberry 750ml $499 750Ml $799 chEcK US OUT AT WISEGUYSLIQUORS.cOM $1199 750ml Monday thru Thursday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. | Friday & Saturday 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. | Sunday 12 to 8 p.m.

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