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Have you given up on your Hearing Aids? Are you fed up with poor service from your Hearing Aid Provider? Don’t give up! With a no-cost consultation, you can start to hear life the way you should. Our mission is to offer the best patient care and state-of-the-art technology to improve the hearing and quality of life of every individual who walks through our doors. With our personalized treatment plan, you’ll finally hear what you’ve been missing! We take the time that others don’t so we can address your specific needs and tailor a solution to resolve YOUR concerns. Are you struggling to hear voices clearly? Does background noise drown out what you want to hear? We use advanced testing equipment that others don’t, allowing you to be sure that your hearing aids are adjusted precisely to your hearing needs. Don’t just take our word for it, let your ears be the judge! With our professional service, you’ll hear again in the places YOU care about; restaurants, family gatherings, outdoors, and more. The AccuQuest Advantage At AccuQuest Hearing Centers, we recognize that recovering your hearing is essential to your ability to fully participate in life, so we take every step necessary to assure you the best hearing possible. We provide the Expert Care you deserve! Call today to experience what you’ve been missing. 3 3 3 Free Cleanings & Adjustments Premium service for the life of the hearing aids. Free In-Office Repairs Repairs that can be done in-office are free. 30-Days Satisfaction Guaranteed Discover the difference our hearing aids make. 3 3 3 Live Speech Mapping Your hearing aids will be customized. Annual Follow-Up Care Complimentary annual monitoring. Generous Warranty Includes loss and damage. Our Promise To You Heather Grinder, H.I.S. Josh Elzinga, Au.D. Hearing Instrument Specialist Doctor of Audiology License #17001478A License #23002488A CALL TOLL-FREE TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT (888) 318-9672 (888) 314-4315 (888) 357-9361 HIGHLAND 2148 45th Street Se Habla Español MERRILLVILLE 9120 Connecticut Dr. Suite C OAK FOREST 6066 W. 159th Street Over 150 convenient locations nationwide • Visit us at Bluetooth is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., USA. PROMO CODE N-NIT-110-FP-C

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