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The Fight Against Colon Cancer; Quality Care With Compassion Dr. Navin Kumar, a Gastroenterology specialist, has been part of the NWI medical community for the past 9 years. What Kumar does is live by a motto: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. He chose Gastroenterology in part because of the “hands on” use of innovative technology in both the diagnosis and treatment of digestive Dr. Navin Kumar diseases. He has been recognized for his The Adenoma Detection Rate (ADR) is procedural skill and overall patient care. the most important quality measure for The latter has made him a recipient of screening colonoscopies. It is the percentage awards including the St Luke Award. The of screenings during which a precancerous award honors excellence in service to patients polyp (adenoma) is found. and staff. He will also be a speaker and consultant for Allergan Pharmaceuticals and is excited to be involved with them on future For example, if a physician performs 10 screening pipeline drugs for fatty liver, gastroparesis and colonoscopies and finds an adenoma in 3 patients, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). the ADR is 30%. The national average for ADR is Kumar’s prime interest lies in gastrointestinal ~15-20% for females and ~25-30% for male patients. malignancies and cancer screening and Kumar has had consistently high ADR rates ~40-45% which ranks in the top percentile prevention. Colon cancer is preventable, treatable and beatable but more awareness is needed. Polyps are growths of tissue that develop in the lining of the colon and rectum. Colonoscopy removes precancerous polyps (adenomas) and has directly been shown to prevent colon cancer and save lives. nationally. Physicians with higher ADRs prevent more colon cancers. Dr. Kumar’s future focus will also include obesity management. “The obesity pandemic is the number #1 cause of mortality from its direct association to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, sleep apnea and increasing risk of cancers in general. Fatty liver is another sequela of obesity which can result in cirrhosis. Attacking the gut (literally) with a multidisciplinary approach through a combination of meds, exercise, dietary and possibly nonsurgical GI weight loss options could make the greatest impact on the majority of patient’s overall wellbeing.” Colorectal cancer can be prevented through proper screening and surveillance regimens. Presently, 60 percent of average risk Americans (starts at age 50) --approximately 42 million people-- have not utilized any screening method. The major factors leading to this is misinformation or lack thereof, fear and the Now sole owner in his private practice (soon to belief it’s painful. Common myths are that you be renamed Centers for Digestive Health), Kumar’s need symptoms or a family history to require a goals are to continue to expand services throughout colonoscopy. NWI and make a longstanding impact in the area. The risk of developing CRC increases with advancing age regardless of sex or race, with The group’s mission is to provide the more than 90% of cases occurring after the highest quality of digestive care for age of 50. Unfortunately, CRC is a silent all patients while also educating and killer and may not cause any symptoms allowing them to gain insight into their until late stages. The “red flags or alarm individual problems while fostering the symptoms” that should be recognized and patient-physician relationship. “The warrants patients coming in sooner are best compliment is when patients persistent rectal bleeding, change in bowel refer and entrust the care of their habits, unintentional weight loss, unexplained own family, friends and co-workers abdominal pain and anemia. to us,” he says. If there is a family history of colon polyps or colon cancer, then the national guidelines are to start screenings at the age of 40 and even sooner if the family members were diagnosed under the age of 50. Given a family history of colon cancer, Kumar himself has undergone a colonoscopy at a young age, which has made him more empathetic to patients regarding the whole process. He and his staff are excited to welcome a new partner, Dr. Mohsen Khan, later in the year. “We are looking forward to having Dr. Khan. He will be a tremendous asset for the practice and NWI. He is humble, knowledgeable, friendly, well trained and has a great personality. In fact, his program director has commented that he’s one of the best trainees he’s had over the past 25 yrs.” Now Serving FOUR Locations! HIGHLAND • 9731 Prairie Avenue CROWN POINT • 9150 E. 109th Street, Suite 2D DYER • 15900 W. 101st Avenue DEMOTTE • 519 N. Halleck Call today for an appointment! 219.922.4900

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