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L Look as Young as You Feel! Find out HOW EASY Looking Younger Can Be! “ The Mini-Facelift is a simple facial cosmetic procedure that gives you a fresh, more youthful look in about an hour. The procedure targets jowls, facial wrinkles, and loose skin under the neck. With minimal down time, most people are back to their usual routines within just 48 hours. The Weekend Lift, look and feel rejuvenated and refreshed without experiencing extreme pain, risk, downtime and expense of traditional procedures. ” Before after 63 Years of Age Patient benefited from The Weekend Lift with Neck Lift and Eyelid Lift Procedures. You will LOVE your new look! With a 99% patient satisfaction record, many of Dr. Cherukuri’s patients are direct referrals from other pleased patients. In fact, Dr. Cherukuri is the surgeon that other doctors choose for their facial plastic procedures. Free CoNSuLTaTIoN Call Today to see if you Qualify. 219-836-2201 ($100 Value) (Free consultations may be subject to change) Sreek Cherukuri,MD | Munster, IN I Hobart, IN | the entire procedure. The incisions are Life is good. Sure, you might be getting older, but small and recovery is short. Besides you are determined to not allow the a bit of minor surgical swelling that birth date on your driver’s license might occur during the healing process, get you down.You eat a healthy diet, most patients generally report little exercise every chance you get and to no pain with the surgery, and greet each morning with enthusiasm of the sweet day ahead.Yet, with age recovery often is about the length often come physical changes we would of a weekend. Plus, the cost of The love to do without.“People often feel Weekend Lift is drastically less than a much younger than what they see traditional facelift.“Getting a traditional staring back at them facelift done here in in the mirror,” says Dr. Sreek Cherukuri, a the Northwest Indiana board certified facial area can cost you up plastic surgeon and to $20,000, while The Northwest Indiana’s Weekend Lift starts leader in minimally under $5,000,” says invasive, no downtime cosmetic procedures Dr. Cherukuri, whose of the face and neck. “Weekend Lift” patients “For some, their life range from 40-75 situation has changed, years of age.“Despite and they simply want all of the advantages to do something for themselves.They want Sreek Cherukuri, M.D. of the procedure, the to look five to ten absolute best thing years younger, refreshed and natural.” In is the fact that getting the procedure a search for a less invasive procedure done makes people feel better about coupled with long term results, Dr. Cherukuri came up with The Weekend themselves.” Not sure if the Weekend Lift is right for you? Consider heading Lift. Created in 2003, the procedure is a mini-facelift and gives an overall into Dr. Cherukuri’s office for a free lift to the neck and lower third of the consultation.“Not everyone is going to face. A worthwhile alternative to a qualify for this type of procedure, so a full facelift,The Weekend Lift focuses free consultation is the best opportunity primarily on trouble spots such as for my patients,” concludes Dr. the neck, jowls, mid-face and the lines around the nose and mouth “Back in Cherukuri, who has offices in Munster the ’80s and ’90s, everyone had the and Hobart.“ In the office consultation, philosophy of ‘tighter is better,’ ” explains I can give each patient a reasonable Dr. Cherukuri, who has performed this estimate as to what the procedure is procedure on hundreds of patients going to do for them. No matter what, throughout the Midwest.“No one wants that look anymore. The main I want them to be pleased with the thing my patients are looking for in results.” cosmetic surgery is ensuring that it is Contact Dr. Cherukuri at not only safe, but results in the most 219.836.2201 for a FREE natural look possible.” The surgery consultation. itself takes an hour with the pre- and postop adding roughly half an hour to SPECIAL ADVERTISING PAGE

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