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Helix Eye Care offers latest in glaucoma, cataract and other treatments right at home Patients needing eye care can be confident they’re receiving the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment at Helix Eye Care in Schererville. Ophthalmologist Dr.Suri Dwarakanathan, fellowship-trained in cornea and refractive surgery, operates Helix Eye Care with his partner, Dr. Leo Wang. Dwarakanathan also teaches at Stroger Hospital of Cook County and Rush Medical Center in Chicago. Dwarakanathan explains that Helix Eye Care offers all intraocular specialties in cornea/external disease, cataract/ lens, and retinal disease treatments in one location. Patients appreciate the convenience and cost-effective travel to receive the latest technologies and doctors’ board-certified expertise under one roof. Besides Dwarakanathan and Wang, who specializes in glaucoma treatments and cataract surgeries, Dr. Veena Raiji specializes in uveitis and medical retina treatments at Helix. “Since we have these specialties at one location, we can give more time and attention to our patients,” said Dwarakanathan. Innovative thinking with a personal touch makes patients feel cared for and valued from the first time they walk in and on through the process of assessing patients’ eye care needs and performing surgeries when needed, said Dwarakanathan. Treating cataracts is another specialty in which Helix Eye Care uses the latest innovations, said Wang. He and Dwarakanathan surgically place a multifocal lens implant in patients who meet criteria. That gives patients the best chance to have distant and near vision without bifocal glasses, said Wang. A cataract clouds the natural lens in the eye and can cause symptoms including: • Blurred vision • Glare from other cars’ headlights at night • A “halo” around lights • Faded or yellowish colors • Frequent changing of prescriptions for glasses or contact lens After cataract surgery with a multifocal lens, about 80 percent of people can read without glasses, Wang said. Wang, who is also a fellowshiptrained glaucoma specialist, performs microinvasive surgery, which is: • Less disruptive to sensitive eye structures • Requires less follow-up and less medication • Leaves no cosmetic distortions. Microinvasive surgery also helps patients manage glaucoma without constant eye drops. “Glaucoma is often painless. It may have no symptoms until vision loss has already happened. It can Dwarakanathan treats corneal diseases also be hereditary, so having a detailed including keratoconus, a condition that examination is important,” said Wang. leaves the cornea thinner and weaker and can cause vision distortion. “I Dwarakanathan said: “We take great use collagen crosslinking, which gives pride in our staff. They’re all from strength to the cornea.” Dwarakanathan the area and are very invested in our patients’ well-being. Our patients is also the only ophthalmologist within appreciate the thoughtfulness they 100 miles of Helix Eye Care in Indiana receive. who uses FDA-approved collagen crosslinking to treat complications from “We all strive to provide our patients the best care.” LASIK. Helix Eye Care 326 W. U.S. Hwy. 30 Schererville 219-335-2400 Veena Raiji, M.D., MPH Surendar Dwarakanathan, M.D., FACS Leo Wang, M.D. Glaucoma and Cataract Surgeon Cornea, Refractive and Cataract Surgeon Retina and Uveitis Specialist SPECIAL ADVERTISING PAGE

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