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Our Magnificent All-On-Four Dental Implant System Is Life-Changing! Are you ready for the change you want, need, and deserve? Are you ready for your new smile? Here are some questions and answers to consider: • Do you have dentures and want to have an alternative which is as close to your original teeth as possible? Dr. Anglis will provide you with replacement teeth that are fixed in place, and will not move. No more embarrassing moments! Whether you need one tooth replaced or an entire arch of teeth replaced with our All-On-Four treatment, you will discover a newfound confidence and security! 2019 The Year of th e Masterpiece • Are you getting sick of using denture adhesives? No more worries and no more goop inside your mouth -- these miraculous replacement teeth will not move or come out. No more "medicine" taste for you --- only the taste of your favorite foods! • Do your dentures create sores inside your mouth? Our Magnificent All-On-Four dental implant bridge does not rest on the gum tissue, so you will feel much better--you will chew your favorite foods with comfort and ease! • Do you have trouble talking because so much of your mouth is covered with your current tooth replacement right now? The All-On-Four choice is very close to your natural arrangement of teeth, and provides a natural, youthful appearance! Whether you are teaching your grandchildren to count or overseeing a project, you will speak clearly and effortlessly! • Are your teeth broken, and you know you need to have some of them removed, but you fear the replacement procedure? Fear no longer - Dr. Anglis offers a variety of sedation (sleep) options so you can glide through your treatment! • Do you have problems eating the food that you want and need to be healthy? The All-On-Four dental implant solution will have you back to your best before you know it! We enjoy helping our patients reach their personal food goals everyday! • Were you told a long time ago that you couldn't have dental implants? Yes, you can! Our newest techniques can solve almost all the dental challenges you are facing today! • Do you worry about dental implant replacement treatments that could take a long time to complete? Once your preliminary planning has been accomplished, fixed temporary teeth will be provided during the first treatment appointment! You will never be without teeth---we will make sure your smile looks great! • Do you want to have beautiful teeth which will give you back your youth and vitality? If so, then look no further! You are ready for your masterpiece smile! Call 1-877-526-4547 Today and make your appointment – we look so forward to meeting you! We are happy to offer complimentary smile masterpiece consultations (a $695 value) in two ways: 1. A Private Consultation featuring a complete exam and expert treatment planning. 2. A seminar with opportunities to learn facts about dental implants and the All-On-Four dental implant technique. Our next seminars are on Tuesday, June 11th at 6:00 p.m. in Crown Point and on Wednesday, June 12th at 12:00 Noon in Michigan City PLEASE CALL TODAY AT 1-877-526-4547 and one of our friendly concierge team members will promptly schedule you for your visit! Please don’t wait – seating is limited, and this offer will end on June 13th. 1549 S. Court St., Suite C, Crown Point, IN 46307 Phone: 219-226-9380 • Fax: 219-226-9381 2146 Karwick Road • Michigan City, IN 46360 Phone: 219-878-1280 • Fax: 219-878-1281

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