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Memories repaired and restored

Furniture Werks is a generational business that brings back the past, creates new magic
A woman brought in a chair in need of reupholstering and padding. She used to
sit on her grandparents’ lap in that chair and wanted to repeat history with her
A small wooden crib, the kind used for newborns up until six months, was
brought in for repair and restoration. Another generation of that family would
soon add notches to the sideboard.
An attorney‘s desk, with leather and gold inlay, was in serious need of refinishing.
Passed down from the mentor, the new attorney wanted to remember every
lesson learned at that desk.
Furniture Werks, at 4980 W. U.S. Hwy. 20 in Michigan City, in the Pines, is more
than a generational talent that offers high quality furniture restoration and
repair. It brings memories to life by making furniture new again, ready for the
next generation to leave its mark.
“I see quite a lot of vintage and antique shops throughout Northwest Indiana,
especially here in Michigan City,” noted Lou Butcher, owner of Furniture Werks.
“That tells me there’s quite a lot of interest in older items, especially furniture.
Families don’t always know that their heirlooms can be made new again, and
that’s where we come in.”
Butcher’s father, the original Lou, opened his furniture shop on the South Side of
Chicago in 1939. “My dad’s team of craftsmen, with their European background,
helped shape my own craftsmanship,” Butcher said. “There was quite a market
for reupholstering, repairing, and restoring. The quality of furniture was much
better back then. People expected to keep their purchase long enough to have it
refinished and reupholstered. Furniture would stay in a family for generations.”
Many pieces that have been in an attic or a garage make their way to Furniture
Werks, brought in by children or grandchildren who want to recapture a family

tradition. “People from Chicago, Michigan, and Indiana visit us with old pieces
that they want to use with their kids,” Butcher said. “That’s some of the most fun
for our team, to be able to reintroduce a new generation to something from their
The fact that Butcher remakes his own family history every time he repairs
another family’s chair, sofa, or table is not lost on the father of seven. “Funny
how that works out,” he said with a grin.
Not all the pieces brought into Butcher and his team are antiques. Many pieces
only a few years young make their way to the shop. The skilled craftsmen at
Furniture Werks repair the ones they can, and sometimes explain why others
cannot be salvaged.
In the showroom, Furniture Werks offer more than 15,000 fabric selections from
Greenhouse Fabrics and Merchandise Mart designers Robert Allen, Kravet
and Duralee. The team of highly skilled craftsmen provide the kind of care and
attention you expect. You’ll find a level of customer service, attention to detail
and quality of work unsurpassed in the industry.
“In earlier years, I would check out the furniture showrooms in the Merchandise
Mart to make sure my restored work could stand next to the new and be just as
good,” Butcher said.
And, if you’re looking, you’ll frequently find the memories formed by a previous
generation. They’ll be in the restored furniture that your children will climb up on,
the table where you dine, and the chair where you read a bedtime book.
Furniture Werks – providing magic for discriminating consumers and businesses
throughout Indiana, Michigan and Illinois since 1939.

Furniture Werks Inc.

4980 W. U.S. Hwy. 20 Michigan City • 219-872-1700 •
Hours 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday • By appointment Saturday


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