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SUBSCRIBING MEANS MORE Your subscription to The Times and brings you MORE news and information, MORE value and MORE access than ever before! MORE NEWS Local, regional, national and world news events The latest word in sports, politics, business, arts and entertainment MORE VALUE We provide valuable coupons, special deals, and our better premium content with fresh creative ideas for your home and family. • better Premium Content • Valuable Coupons • Special Offers • Events ® ® ® ® ® ® materials ▪ Large glass container (We used a 3-gallon apothecary jar.) ▪ Large rocks ▪ Tap water ▪ Aquarium water conditioner ▪ 2 water hyacinth plants ▪ 1 water lettuce plant ▪ Thermometer ▪ 1 goldfish or minnow 1 Cover the bottom of the glass container with one or more large rocks, which are easier to remove for cleaning than gravel or pebbles. You can also omit the rocks. 2 Fill the container with clean water to within 2 inches of the top and let the water come to ambient temperature. (You may want to let the water sit for 24 hours.) If adding fish, pour in a few drops of aquarium water conditioner to remove chlorine and chloramines. 3 Carefully add the water hyacinths and water lettuce, spreading the roots so they float beneath the water surface. ® 1 4 If ®adding a fish, use a thermomet thermometer to check the water temper emperature. Most fish prefer water er between 770°F and 80°F. Add fish slowly,, tip tipping the bag or container gentlyy into the water garden to mix the wat single fish will do fine—theaters. A the ggeneral rule is no more than n 1 inch of fish per 1 square foot of water. ® ® ® ® 2 oh-so-em asiyn W ATE i m GARDERN akeovers 3 Why bu swpeeettite & ize h pint-s re. ival wit ense pleasu to ing’s arr imm tell you Savor sprs that promise om flowers—they will sweetest make the garden. o-blo t of first-t these beauties bouquet in the rs, the tinies y new wh en finds int used will do? We o pretty— and prac share ideas for BUDDIN turn G tical—ho BEA Enjoy the cool Curvy UTIES touch me deco ing simple , deco a tiny pond and desig rative, brings to anhold r. ned to outdo or space. liquid On a warm, summery oil lamp , vintage day, few things are bases make as visually merely a few gallons refreshing as gazing upon water—e great vases of water in a glass container, ven if it’s surface and a goldfish with a .water-loving Plus, glimmering amid the they’re plant floating lazily on the roots. easy to find Let’s face it, water gardens flea can be a lot ofat work. markets Fountains require an for filters and require electrical source. But a song.Ponds frequent maintenance this little fuss. mini Grou . waterp a varie ty of sizesgarden offers a calming focal point with The water plants minimize and shapes algae growth and together larvae, and the only oxygenate on maintenance will be a tabletop, the water, the fish feeds on mosquito a periodic out of direct sunlight, feedingorand cleaning. so consider nestlingcorral them You need to keep the your container on amid while the plants soak fish a tray other in sunshine. plants to shade the to form water Round up materials centerpiec a sweet for this project at local gardene. you can meditate by centers and pet stores. your very own water In less than an hour, garden in the privacy of your patio. TIP: Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) blooms with lavender flowers during the warmest armest months while its feathery roots createe ether ethereal shapes underwater. Water hyacinth yacinth grows rapidly, doubling in sizee almost weekly. To limit hyacinth spread, keep eep it trimmed and remove dead or yell ellow leaves. Never place water hyacinth yacinth in a natural body of water. . The plants ar are very invasive. 4 BEJEW For spark ELED FUN ling three left and below, pin -dimensional ar and earrin vintage brooche create the gs to small canva ses. taut over backing, pull linen To canvas stretchers fabric crafts store from a of the stretc, then staple to the back hers. Expa jewelry’s nd upon theme in with a few a whimsical the embroider way ed stitch es. YOU OU CAN DO IT! Find dozens zens of sweet littl little garden projects ojects to brigh brighten your growing season in Ea Easy Garden Projects™ on sale no now. to bloom the flowe tion to gifts of d as cut al atten they begin Pay speci l. Often overlooke e them when the most delightful notic of rs. emenntt geme think smal Watchful eyes s offer somethe garden indoo utive arran gh of a dimin bouquets. ephemeral bloom a bit of h throu the stars to bring s. Searc for flowers These often a simple way your bloom garage sales favorite and other ng your season accompany markets and es, and r to maki vase to out flea ower The trick perfect petite s, shot glassble at flowe ers, the ets, or check vases, cream availa petite is to find oards and cabin rvative, d a petit ed er bud prese tucke pewt have a floral set it on bottles, your sideb . Once you a side tablee,, or water and perfume ough throu cut-glass iners. Then add in for a sweet treat it on placed next trip isee big s conta l bed, your posie omis smal your So on pop your will prom next to spring. shops, and a nightstand e sure to think arrangement that onto an you’r for l, s bouquet owsil en wind a few petite bloom r the kitch n, gathe the garde “ahhs”. ’ play d’s and child “ohhs” part of a phlox, ingg phl er was once creep eepin pitch nots, PLAY tall, this glassblue forget-meCHILD'Sjust 1½ inchesdispl aying tiny ps. Measuring perfect for it’s ny-jump-u set. Now nth, and John grape hyaci FRAME Use large S IN FOC US rescued the impa frames to ct Float canva of small art piece amplify ephemera ses, postcards, s. or other using peek within the empt y the illusio aboo wall color frames, to n help holdi of matting. For create extra ng pape cork to r bits aloft, stapl the e form a bullebackside of a frame to tin board . P blossoms— K-ME-U trio of yellow pussy willow UL PICcup holds a sprigs of CHEERF espr sso dils. A few int st. al intere lain espre ral celain ectur and daffo of architectu A porce nt , pansies, forsythia, the right amou just provide MORE ACCESS sweet peas in a CREAM blushing ruffleiesd (Papaver spp.)t pea SWEETy bouquet pairs pape ry popp nt swee n and only fragra This froth and ‘Quee odoratus) right. Choose THRILL l Wedding’, gement, (Lathyrus pitcher, in Paris’, ‘Roya Learn to OF THE HUN tips l cream in an arran T smal ars, such as ‘Aprilthe life of poppies , sear the stem collected put together d a cultiv to open r. fun finds look with all ts’. To exten as they begin arm wate those of Hear from rs just in lukew Check GLO flowe them the out 100 the flea mark BAL place et. snipWrap APP Ideas ® Market , then EAL Flea Style a dama with a flame on sale watered-d ged globe with wher own vintage deco do y et? A pape upage medium paper, apply a slightly with a foam RAL r weigh t, bookend, SH FLO brush, and FRE or decoY rative dooh what DISPLA ick make fresh nts Learn to arrangeme your flower s from using plantgrocery or ENTS EMENTS garden ARRANGEM ARRANG up Cut ™ uets store. Pick & Bouq ers Flow ed! SIMPLE get start holds a SEASONALS to FUL doorknob stems DISPLAY ND lain of VASE: HA A FIELD TOYY-STEP ged porce a couple -STEP of JUSTupen STEP-B S ded, a salva just enough for combination SUCCES r, tural When voir of wate simple, sculp this tiny reser ood. , such as in bloom flowe ring dogw and fl quince N DITIO EDITION ’E CTORS FFavorites vorites OLLE l-T COLLECTORS’ C ime a All Al Time Our Ou r sy Easy 73 Ea We provide print and digital access to our subscribers to keep you informed no matter where or when breaking news happens. • Print • Digital • e-Edition • Android Apps • iPhone Apps • e-Newsletters Our commitment is to bring you MORE local news and information that matters to you whenever and wherever you want it. Get MORE. Subscribe today!

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