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Misbeehavin’ Meads continues to set its own rules Clint Wadsworth has been a beer geek for years. Naturally, he brews small batches of mead, sharing 48 variations of the unique alcoholic beverage annually. “We don’t follow rules at Misbeehavin’ Meads,” he explained. “We go with what sounds, feels, and tastes good. Our patrons seem to approve.” Since opening Misbeehavin’ Meads on April Fool’s Day in 2016, Wadsworth and his wife, Jill, have been serving up the exceptional drink for very grateful patrons from all over Northwest Indiana and the Chicago suburbs. At 65 Franklin St. in downtown Valparaiso, Misbeehavin’ fills a niche like no one else. What is mead? “Basically, it’s a wine that is made with Wadsworth said. “We always use honey instead of grapes,” W honey, honey as well as yeast. We often use fruit and sometimes spices, herbs, or nuts. The honey provides a robust flavor that’s very different. When we mix it with various fruits, that’ we come up with really flavorful meads that have a taste different from traditional wines.” Many new visitors to the tasting room expect a wine that’s much sweeter, due to the honey. “Not necessarily true,” Wadsworth said. “All wines have sugar at their core. Wine W honey. It’s the level of fermentation is fermented fruit; mead is fermented honey flavor, and that dictates how sweet your finished product gets. The honey has a very different flavor our patrons really enjoy it.” Online reviews and ratings certainly agree with Wadsworth’s statement. His unique batches of mead are distributed across Indiana, Chicago and its suburbs. Wadsworth expects wider distribution in the coming months. What began as a passionate hobby has turned into a robust business that continues to grow. “My father-in-law is a beekeeper,” Wadsworth said. “So, we began with a local source for honey. That helped us understand the importance of locally sourcing honey and fruit whenever possible. The products taste better, they are much cleaner, and our patrons appreciate the effort to help other local businesses like us.” Many of the meads available at any given time are unconventional, featuring unusual ingredients and processes. “We age quite a few of our meads on wood or in barrels,” Wadsworth said. We handcraft every mead on-site and in small batches. We do not pasteurize, and we rarely filter. We keep it authentic.” The current menu includes meads consisting of strawberries and limes, concord grapes, blackberry,, raspberry and grape, spiced mead, and orange blossom. Wines include dry Cabernet Sauvignon and dry Pinot Grigio style. Hard ciders include the everpopular caramel apple cider and a fruity blueberry cider made with Elliott blueberries. The in-house creativity includes trying out a Zinger snack cake mead as well as peanut butter and jelly. “We e pride ourselves at not being afraid to try anything,” Wadsworth adsworth said. “Mead is more versatile than beer or wine, so what better fermented beverage to try out in adventurous ways?” The tasting room and outdoor patio both provide the opportunity to relax and sample multiple offerings. Misbeehavin’ does not serve food, but they welcome everyone to bring in whatever snacks/sandwiches/ meals they want to match up with the drinks. “There are numerous restaurants and pizzerias close,” Wadsworth adsworth said. “And many patrons bring something from home that they want to match up with a wine, mead, or cider. It’s all good. We encourage everyone to be comfortable and enjoy the vibe and atmosphere.” As Valparaiso residents, the Wadsworth family invites you to drop into their hometown and taste their unique creations. Be prepared for a great atmosphere and an even greater experience sampling heavenly honey-based drinks. Misbeehavin’ Meads 65 Franklin St. • Valparaiso Hours: Noon-9:30 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday • 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Friday-Saturday • 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Sunday 219-242-8616 •

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