Details for TOWN OF CEDAR LAKE, Clerk-Treasurer /LEGALS - Ad from 2021-06-07

NOTICE OF ADOPTION NOTICE is hereby given that the Town Council of the Town of Cedar Lake, Lake County, Indiana, did, on the 20th day of April, 2021, did pass and adopt: “ORDINANCE NO. 1380 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING TOWN ORDINANCE NO. 1195, BEING: “AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING A FACILITY FEE SCHEDULE FOR THE USE OF PARK AND RECREATION FACILITIES AND STRUCTURES LOCATED ON THE TOWN PROPERTY, REPEALING ALL ORDINANCES AND TOWN CODE PROVISIONS, OR PORTIONS THEREOF, IN CONFLICT HEREWITH, AND ALL MATTERS RELATED THERETO”, REPEALING ALL TOWN CODE SECTIONS AND ORDINANCES, OR PARTS THEREOF, IN CONFLICT HEREWITH, AND ALL MATTERS RELATED THERETO.” NOTICE is further given that the Ordinance adopted includes the following fees and provisions: “SECTION ONE: That the facility fee schedule attached hereto, incorporated herein and marked as Exhibit “A”, as recommended by the Town Council and Administrative Staff, as the amended Park and Recreation facility fees schedule for the Town, is hereby approved and adopted as the current Town Park and Recreation facility fee schedule for the Town. SECTION TWO: That all remaining terms and provisions of Town Ordinance No. 1195, and any amendments thereto not inconsistent herewith, are hereby ratified and reaffirmed, and are hereby declared to remain in full force and effect. SECTION THREE: That if any section, clause, provision, or portion of this Ordinance shall be held to be invalid or unconstitutional by any Court of competent jurisdiction, such decision shall not affect any other section, clause, provision, or portion of this Ordinance. SECTION FOUR: That all existing Ordinances, and Town Code provisions, or parts thereof, in conflict with the provisions of this Amendatory Ordinance, are hereby deemed null, void, and of no legal effect, and are specifically repealed. SECTION FIVE: That this Ordinance shall take effect, and be in full force and effect, from and after its passage and adoption by the Town Council, and publication in conformance with applicable law. Further, the Town Clerk-Treasurer and Town Manager are directed to post in appropriate places and locations the approved and adopted amended facility fee schedule established hereby. ALL OF WHICH IS PASSED AND ADOPTED THIS 20th DAY OF APRIL, 2021, BY THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF CEDAR LAKE, LAKE COUNTY, INDIANA.” TOWN OF CEDAR LAKE, LAKE COUNTY, INDIANA,TOWN COUNCIL By: /s/ Randell C. Niemeyer, President /s/ Richard Sharpe, Vice-President /s/ John C. Foreman, Member /s/ Robert H. Carnahan, Member /s/ Colleen Schieben, Member /s/ Ralph Miller, Member /s/ Julie A. Rivera, Member ATTEST: /s/ Jennifer N. Sandberg, IAMC, Clerk-Treasurer Exhibit A SHELTER/CLUBHOUSE RENTAL INFORMATION SHELTER LOCATION ELECTRIC CHARGE TAx TOTAL LIONS DEN Behind the Town complex, overlooking the lake. (grill) YES $100.00 $7.00 $107.00 GAzEBO Not to be rented when Lion’s Den is occupied. Must be rented with Lion’s Den for weddings. NO $75.00 $5.25 $80.25 CARDINALS ROOST On the northeast side of the museum, near the banstand. (grill) YES $50.00 $3.50 $53.50 BANDSTAND Depending on application may need council approval due to crowds & noise. YES $250.00 $17.50 $267.50 EAGLES NEST East of complex, near the basketball court and playground. NO $100.00 $7.00 $107.00 TOWN GROUNDS May need council approval and due to crowds & noise. YES $500.00 $35.00 $535.00 Shelter rates for non-profit organizations are 50% of the rates listed above. 9800 W 129 Ave Must have permit and Rental form filled out stating date of rental and code issued for access. A $200 security deposit is required on all rentals. Security deposits will be refunded by check approximately 30 days after the event and may be reduced or withheld altogether for damages or excessive cleaning is required after your rental and will be based on the “cost to cure” method. CLUB HOUSE th Category CHARGE TAx TOTAL Non-Profit $50.00 $3.50 $53.50 CL Residents $125.00 $8.75 $133.75 NonResidents $200.00 $14.00 $214.00 Payment and security deposit are due at time of rental. Driver’s license or legal identification required for rentals. Proof of residency is required for resident rates. Non-profit organizations will be required to provide proof of non-profit status. 6/7 - 71271 - hspaxlp