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everyone wants to do business online, and that’s
perfectly fine,” she said. “I make myself available
to our tenants. Many tenants store uniquely shaped
items and want to know the actual fit, therefore I make
myself available catering to their needs.”

Storing your valuables made easy
Central Valparaiso SelfStorage is the premier
facility with easy access and state-of-the-art
online capabilities
We’re all there at one time or another – rooms filled
with precious memories, heirlooms, and collectibles
from our family’s journey. We have no desire to discard
items that hold emotional and perhaps financial value.
But we need long- or short-term storage space.
Central Valparaiso SelfStorage may just be the perfect
answer. Whether you need a small unit or a huge room
with heat, CVSS can provide you with the extra space
you need at an affordable price.
“We’ve been upgrading the facility so that what we
offer is a great fit to your needs,” explained Charity
Thatcher-Curtis, property manager at CVSS. “Maxwell
Management, a local group that manages the facility,
intends to redefine what a storage unit can be. We’re
well on our way to accomplishing that goal.”
A major online upgrade has created a 24/7/365 facility.
“If you’re a new tenant, you can select an available
unit online, reserve or rent it, receive your gate access
code, and store your items in storage without waiting,”
Curtis said. “It doesn’t matter if it is an odd hour; we’re
here when you need us.”
Curtis and her staff are available for those who prefer
to put a face and a voice to their transactions. “Not

Tenants can use the online system to schedule
payments or to send messages to Curtis and staff
without having to make a phone call. “We also have a
secure drop box and a P.O. Box available if our tenants
feel more comfortable paying rent that way,” she said.
Renovations to the individual units and the facility
have also taken place. It was a mini-warehouse in
another life, and CVSS has made facelifts, security
upgrades, and infrastructure updates to offer a safe,
sound, convenient facility that protects your valuables.

of large items is available, secured by the surrounding
fence. The gate is controlled by your individual access
code, providing the ultimate security.
The local management and staff provide a “momand-pop” feeling to the business. “We are always
available when our clients need us,” Curtis said. “We
understand that this type of business operates round
the clock.”
Central Valparaiso Self Storage serves the surrounding
Porter, Lake and LaPorte County communities. It is
conveniently located to serve the needs of people
in Valparaiso, Hobart, Hebron, Chesterton, Portage,
Wanatah, Westville, Ainsworth, Wheeler, and Aberdeen
and the Purdue Northwest and Valparaiso University

“We recently completed renovations to a
3,600-square-foot building,” Curtis said. “We did a
complete overhaul to the infrastructure and added heat
to the entire building. The units, which are available in
various sizes, are an ideal location for items that need
protection from cool temperatures or humidity.”
Recent upgrades include repaving portions of the
parking lots and driving lanes. A new, secure front
gate and upgraded fencing provide the security you’re
looking for. New overhead spotlights and motion lights
in the buildings keep the facility well-lit at all hours of
the day and night.
The prices at CVSS are very affordable. “We are very
competitive with the market. We set our prices in
order to market to our target audience, but remain
economical at the same time,” Curtis said. “Our
tenants truly appreciate the value we add, the central
location we are in, and the fair price.”
CVSS offers 31 types and sizes of storage units. They
can handle items as small as an antique end table all
the way up to a boat, RV, or motorcycle. Outside storage

Central Valparaiso SelfStorage

1202 Formula Drive • Valparaiso
219-472-9924 •


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