Best Heating and Cooling

1. Illiana Heating & Cooling

11407 Wicker Ave

Cedar Lake, IN 46303

(219) 627-1589

According to Kevin Frump, General Manager of Illiana Heating and Cooling, the secret to their success is all about the people.

“Our people and our willingness to invest in both finding as well as keeping the best people that we can to serve our customers,” he says.

Illiana Heating is proud to be recognized as Best of the Region for the 8th year in a row, he said.

“We are ecstatic, this is our 8th year in a row, so we are extremely grateful to our customers and clients that they have taken the time to once again express their feelings about Illiana being the best of the region.”

What makes them the best? Frump says it’s due to the Golden Rule.

“We certainly are going to treat our customers the way we want to be treated,” he said. “We are Christian owned and operated and we try to make that as evident as possible to our customers. When they call them, they’re usually without heating or without cooling so it’s a really bad day for them, so we try to make the process as pleasant as possible for them.”

2. Meyers Companies

100 N Griffith Blvd, Griffith IN, 46319

Griffith – 219-990-0219

Valparaiso – 219-934-7928

Lowell – 219-225-2050

3. POPA Heating & Cooling

2643 Highway Avenue

Highland, IN 46322


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