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At some point during any redecorating project, most homeowners tend to glaze over when faced with yet another variety of tile pattern, grout color or cabinet hardware to consider. But perhaps more than with any other single home improvement item, budding remodelers never seem to tire of seeing just one more lighting option.

Maybe this is why readers gravitated toward the long, long aisles of Menards when they voted for the best lighting store. The big-box retailer’s seemingly endless selection of ceiling fans, lamps, wall sconces, flush-mount fixtures and just about anything else that can provide illumination ensures plenty of opportunities to imagine one’s home in a whole new light.


Dekker Lighting

Location: 2142 U.S. 41, Schererville

Phone: 219-227-8520


Prestige Lighting, Inc.

Location: 2512 Ridge Road, Lansing, Ill.

Phone: 708-895-0055