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Civility in the Classroom is all positive energy this week. 

The students at Lighthouse College Prep and Steel City Academy wrote out their affirmations in the last few weeks. I got to see them and they're fabulous.

So many good goals around grades and school. See the gallery attached to this story at

This week at Steel City, teachers Duane Krambeck and Joshua Moore focused on perceptions with the students. They had the students act out a little skit. 

The skit was set at an office. One student was told to act out an emotion, in this case he was going through something with his partner. 

The other three students were asked to react to that emotion from different points of view. One was the boss, another was a co-worker and another a client. 

Each person reacted to his moodiness differently, none of them really knowing what was going on. The boss was angry that he was being unprofessional, the client was annoyed and the co-worker was worried. 

The point is that perceptions are powerful and can be different for each person. When you see someone acting out, the immediate reaction is to judge. But you don't know what's really going on. Take a minute to ask and come at the interaction with compassion. 

At Lighthouse, the students are working on their affirmations this week. I'll catch you up when I see them.

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Summer is Digital and Audience Engagement Editor at The Times. Her blog documents The Times’ and Gary Chamber of Commerce’s Community Civility Counts campaign. The idea is simple: Treat everyone with respect and dignity, even those you disagree with.