Well, it certainly helps you get your steps in.

Canvassing. Canvassing for the Nov. 6 mid-term election. In Indiana.

Huh? What’s a Cal City boy doing canvassing in Indiana you might ask?

Well, you can pretty much work for elections anywhere you want…you can’t vote anywhere you want, but nothing prevents you from working an election anywhere you want.

I want Indiana.


It’s less than a mile from my home, I was born, raised, and periodically work there, and own, with my siblings, my childhood home there.

But mostly I’m interested in re-electing the Democratic senator from there. Joe Donnelly.

Full disclosure: I’m a life-long Democrat. I’ve voted in every election since I was eligible… 1966 I believe. I’ve voted for a Republican only once…and it still haunts me.

I would like to see the US Senate stay close to evenly divided if not flipped to majority Democrat. Now the Senate if 51-49 Republican.

Joe Donnelly is not my ideal candidate, but he is certainly preferable to his opponent, a Trump-ite.

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Talking to people on whose doors I knock, my main pitch is that Donnelly is more moderate at a time when moderation is not too often in evidence. He can be bi-partisan, his is the third most bi-partisan voting record. He is more about the state of Indiana than the Democratic Party. In the handout I distribute, the word “Democrat” won’t be found.

And so, I go canvasing, mostly in Munster…often in high end communities with houses into which I could put two or more of my own.

Lots of interesting stuff.

Usually at half of the houses, no one is home (or they won’t answer).

Many folks I talk with are undecided or reluctant to say whom they are voting for.

Many just say they are Republican and that’s it. I told one gentleman I was a Democratic volunteer, and he told me he is a Republican town councilman. I said so I guess I should stop talking, and he pleasantly told me you keep trying.

At two house within 100 yards of each other, I found one gentleman, I use the word euphemistically, who used a three word phrase to insinuate that Democrats have a canine lineage, while his neighbor used a metaphor declaring the Republican, I use the term loosely, President to be a particular body part, much to the approval of his aged mother.

Most people are polite and many thank me for stopping by even if they aren’t partial to my candidate.

Too many are, in their words, “uninterested” and some unaware of the November election.

What a country.

Thanks for reading.