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Well, it’s municipal election time in Calumet City and Cook County… though it’s OK if you haven’t noticed. There’s not a lot that’s going on — at least that one can see.

The primary election is Feb. 28. A primary election allows parties to let voters decide who should be that party’s candidate for the election on April 4.

The reality in our area is that the Democratic Party is very strong and the Republican Party, at least in local elections, doesn’t really exist. In many Chicagoland races, whoever wins the Democratic primary is, in essence, the winner of the election.

Here are the candidates who have filed petitions to run in the Democratic primary: For mayor incumbent Michelle Qulakinbush and Thaddeus Jones’ name appears of the Clerk’s website, though a November referendum on term limits would not allow Jones to run. He has lost some fights in court over this, but as of Tuesday, his name is on the Democratic primary.

City Clerk Nyota Figgs is opposed by Carol Conditt

City Treasurer Gerald Tarka is unopposed in the primary.

(Considering space restraints, I’ll give you the candidates for the seven aldermanic seats in my next posting)

But a party doesn’t have to be in the primary election and can simply run in the actual election on April 4. In Calumet City, I’m hearing, that’s just what’s going to happen.

A party calling itself the Public Safety Party is said to have a full slate of candidates ready to run.

Cook County clerk David Orr’s office, in charge of all Cook County elections except for Chicago, won’t have the posting of the candidates filed and running on the fourth until mid-February.

But I know they are active because I was asked to sign their petition and they have had literature distributed.

There is a lot of action burbling in the politics, though many of the citizens of Cal City might not be aware of it.

It’s a very heated and contentious battle. I just hope all are ultimately committed to the health and well-being of my city.

Thanks for reading