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Well, you knew it was going to happen.

After one of the warmest falls ever, snow hit Calumet City this week. Actually, it gave a nice look to the town and park district’s Christmas decorations.

And of course, our weather mad local TV news outlets went nuts. Does anyone know why weather reporting has taken up maybe 40% of the time on local news shows? And with pictures…like show and tell? “Here’s Tim form Lombard with a picture of snow in his yard!”

Anyway, Calumet City did its usual start of Christmas. But it’s a pretty cool “usual." There was a live reindeer, which I insisted on calling a caribou, and some ice sculpture exhibits that are still up around city hall, and a Mariachi band.

I cut out early but I’m sure the TF North band and the fireworks were both up to their usual high standards.

Calumet City and the Memorial Park District combine to do a good job.

Last Sunday the South Holland Master Chorale under the directorship of a real master, Albert Jackson performed at St. Victor Church.

The chorale has one hundred and twenty-some members and they were joined by the Gargoyle Brass Ensemble, and the Southlake Children’s Choir.

It’s hard to explain how good their music is. You can hear for yourself as they will perform Royal Splendor: Music of Handel and Mozart. This will be performed at Covenant United Church of Christ in South Holland on April 30th and at St. Andrew the Apostle Church in Calumet City on May 7th.


Long time area resident and former student of mine, Cody Barden was the victim of a car-jacking and shooting. He’s recovering from serious wounds. His father died the same week. There is a Go Fund Me on Facebook if you’d like to help them out with medical expenses.

Speedy recovery to Jane Rowland, director of the Calumet City Library and president of the Calumet City Chamber of Commerce. She had hip replacement surgery.

A new eatery has opened recently – The Shack at 1055 River Oaks Drive. Fish and chicken are the specialties. I can speak favorably on behalf of the cod.

And I’ve seen a new coat of paint on the old Pizza Hut…I wonder…

Thanks for reading.

The opinions are solely those of the writer. George Grenchik is a longtime Calumet City resident and retired instructor at Bishop Noll Institute in Hammond. He can be reached at