Organizers protest outside gun show in Crown Point (CAL CITY)

Organizers tie orange ribbons with names of school shooting victims since Columbine on Saturday on a fence at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Crown Point.

Well, another school shooting.

Pretty sad sentence, with an extremely sad word — ”another.” Makes it sound pretty routine. And sadly, unlike any other country in the world, it is for us.

I taught school full time for 41 years and Saturday religious ed school for five. Never really had a life-lost situation, though one situation could have been.

I once escorted a man out of St. Victor School during a school day. He seemed to be, in politically incorrect terminology, “out there.” He talked as if he himself was a kid and he wanted to go to one of the rooms, but I told him we had to go to lunch now and walked him out the door.

Bad move.

He went to the lunchroom which was across the parking lot in the church hall. There the monitors got him to leave, I think they told him it was time for recess.

I last saw him talking to the police, whom we had called, on Wilson Avenue.

Ended up not being a big issue back then (this may have been in the late ‘70s).

As I look back, I am surely glad that neither he nor I had a gun.

The idea of armed teaching staffs circulated by someone in the government is really idiotic. The whole concept that having more guns around makes us safer from gun violence is counterintuitive. Or in other words, well… idiotic.

And counter to some schools of thought, the problem behind gun violence in America is the tens of millions of guns in private hands.

Every other developed nation in the world’s example kind of points that out.

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As a teacher, I applaud the kids who are doing all manner of things to promote the idea that something must be done. The classmates of the slaughtered 6-year-olds from Sandy Hook couldn’t rally to protest the inaction of our government.

The classmates of the Florida victims can and, along with many others, are.

Here’s hoping.


The Calumet Memorial Park District Foundation is having its second annual Boots and Badges March Madness event this Saturday.

The Foundation exists to raise funds to enhance and supplement the park districts programs and facilities.

The event is at T.F. North’s old gym. The games pit teams from the park district staff as well as teams from the Burnham and Calumet City fire departments and Cal City police and police cadets.

There is also food and fellowship after at the Hideaway Lounge on River Oaks Drive and Burnham Avenue.

Doors open at 12:30 p.m. and games start at 1:45.

Questions? Contact Char at 708-6440 ext. 127.

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