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Daily Region Snapshot

Diana Coronado, left, 8, and her cousin Omeira Salazar, 9, ride the swings Thursday during VictorFest at St. Victor Church in Calumet City. For more photos from Times photographers go to

From one extreme to the other.

I’m sure you’ve had something like this too. Everything’s going on — not enough time, going a little crazy. Then, bang, the opposite in what seems like a heartbeat.

For me, it was being the coordinator of VictorFest, a four-day event that’s become the second-largest event in Calumet City. Months of planning culminates in a break-neck pace week and weekend of activity and worry and execution and cleanup ... and a day later, surgery and be quiet, sit still, limit activity.

Anyway, that’s my story and why I haven’t been saying much in this forum lately.

Oh, reverse shoulder replacement was the surgery. Yeah, I didn’t know they could do that either — until I was told I needed it.

A lot of time and therapy is required. We aren’t given a parts warranty. As the old saying goes ... stuff happens.

And VictorFest itself again went very well. Thousands of folks attended and enjoyed the carnival, live music, sundry food offerings, bingo (and Lotteria), various vendors and tasty libations.

It was a happy time. A mostly family event and thankfully, again, a peaceful event.

It will be a financial boon for St. Victor Church, and having financially stable churches is a big key to the stability of the community. But just as importantly, or more so, it is a socially, culturally and spiritually important to the function of our church and, in a way, to the larger Cal City community.

There was input, cooperation and support from the civil city — especially public works — Calumet Memorial Park District, the police department, hundreds of volunteers, more than 50 financial and/or in-kind sponsors, mostly local.

And, of course, the divine help in the weather department was invaluable.

Thanks to all who came to our event. Hope you had a great time. Thanks, too, to those who volunteered time, treasure and talent, often all three, to make VictorFest once again a success on so many levels.

Thanks for reading.