Well, sometimes you get lucky.

That’s what happened to St. Victor parish’s VictorFest celebration the weekend of July 13.

Weather is the uncontrollable factor in staging the weekend extravaganza of carnival, music, food, and fellowship that is VictorFest .

And for the seventh year in a row ... weather was our friend. Prayers work?

Our efforts were a success on many levels – financially and socially for the parish and providing a safe and fun (and not terribly expensive) event for the larger community of Calumet City.

Thanks goes to the main stake holders of VictorFest…the organizers, the volunteers, the city and park district, the police department, parishioner donors, and the financial and in-kind assistance of the nearly fifty sponsoring businesses and individuals.

Oh…and a big thanks to the several thousand folks who attended.


About a month agoI attended a rally, one of over 700 in the country that weekend, protesting the immigration situation caused by sundry orders from Trump. It was in downtown Hammond.

It was an interesting collection of people. Many, if not most, seemed to be folks not directly or personally affected by the government’s actions on the matter other than to be deeply offended that the government was doing what is was doing in their names. (this was before Trump backtracked on the most egregious element of the policy; separating kids and parents).

And there seemed to be a number of people around my age, people who might be used to getting politically active, like so many of us were fifty years ago.

A young woman who recognized me from when I sub taught at BNI, said she was surprised that I supported the cause of resisting the harsh treatment of those trying to enter our country.

She shouldn’t have been.

It is hard to miss that huge numbers of people in Northwest Indiana and around the country are viscerally unhappy about how immigration policies are negatively affecting families and how immigration fears are being stoked at the highest level of government for no pressing reason, or at least no pressing reason that can be borne out by fact.

And we, the most powerful nation on earth, founded, built, and made prosperous, by …immigrants…we always have been “great”, so there’s no need to do it “again”.


Thanks for reading.