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Well, I hear they were worried, but it was pretty much a landslide.

The “they” are the current administration of Calumet City, and the landslide was the outcome of April 4's election.

Mayor Michelle, city Treasurer Gerry Tarka, and city clerk Nyota Figgs were easily re-elected. Nyota Figgs was unopposed and was also re-elected as the Calumet Memorial Park District commissioner along with Randy Velazquez.

The new city council will have old faces Ramonde Williams, Leni Wosczynski, and Nick Manousopoulos. New members are Mike Navarrete, DeAndre Tillman, DeJuan Gardner and Anthony Smith.

All but DeJuan Gardner ran on a ticket with the mayor. Whether the alliance that brought these folks into office will hold, of course, remains to be seen.

There are some election-related facts I find a little disturbing.

In searching through county clerk David Orr’s website, I see that a bit fewer than 18.5 percent of Calumet City’s almost 23,000 registered voters actually voted. Although it was a higher percent than our neighbor, Lansing (where there was no contested race for village president) in was considerably lower that our other neighbor, Burnham who did have a contest.

Maybe a low turnout was partly because of a rather unpleasant weather day, but surely part was because of lack of awareness of what’s going on.

There was no semblance of a hear-from-the candidate’s forum or any type meetings where ordinary citizens might have been able to hear from the mayoral candidates.

It seems all the information to be had was from the blizzard of political mailings sent by each side. And many of those were filled with innuendo about candidates’ motives and some were rife with racial overtones.

Not good.

Thanks for reading.