Well, it snowed.

Biggest snow storm of the season or so it was called. Hardly a storm though. Storms to me conjure themes of violence. The last couple of days it just snowed. We had a prolonged snow fall.

Maybe it’s just me (though I know it isn’t), but have we gone goofy about the weather? I’m getting up there in age, and therefore I’ve seen a lot of winters and, correct me if I’m wrong here, but they seem to have always involved cold weather and snow.

One of my godchildren has three school-age boys and she was a little miffed that they called off school before a snow flake had hit the ground.

Again, maybe it’s just me, but it seems that more and more people worry about the weather. I heard people tell about the terrible weather earlier this week. It was twenty-something degrees, there was snow on the ground and it was a bright, sunny day in early February. Terrible? Huh?

A big part of this, as I see it, is the constant bombardment of weather news. A half hour local newscast has a preview of the weather, the full weather forecast and a final recap.

And there will be live shots of it being sunny, windy, rainy or whatever. And there will be pictures sent in by viewers showing it being sunny, windy, rainy or whatever.


It reminds me of little kids at show-and-tell or Trump showing the camera the executive order he just signed.

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And stations advertise that they will tell us the weather, and that they have a bigger or cooler weather truck than the other stations have.


With commercials there is about 23 minutes of news in a half-hour broadcast. It seems like about half of that is devoted to the weather, as if there’s not much else going on in a metro area of over six million people.

Again, huh?

It scares me to wonder what the news programmers think of the intelligence or attention span of their audiences.

Obviously most people need to know what the weather is going to be. But come on. Phil Ponce on Chicago Tonight gives an accurate forecast and in most cases, he does it in one sentence.

Anyway, I hope you all survived.

Thanks for reading.