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AROUND CAL CITY: Dealing with two shootings in the neighborhood
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AROUND CAL CITY: Dealing with two shootings in the neighborhood

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Well, it’s a quiet neighborhood most of the time.

But two incidents happened on my block recently. Both involved shootings.

One was a dispute over a parking spot at an apartment building next to my house. One of the parties involved ended up hiding in my back yard. I wasn’t aware of that until my neighbor called to inform me that the police were escorting someone off my property.

Later that night, my wife was awaken by voices outside the house. It was the police who were looking for a weapon that was discarded somewhere.

The cops, whom I knew (one being a former student of mine) apologized for disturbing us. I turned on a flood light I have, but they found nothing.

I don’t know the disposition of that case. But both the cops and I were bewildered by the seeming insanity of the situation.

The other incident was much farther away from me, maybe 200yards. This incident involved two people shot to death in what I’m hearing was a drive-by with at least one victim intentionally targeted.

I have no details or circumstances, though I have some suspicions as to what this might have been about.

I guess I may be different from a lot of people, but neither of these two incidents got me too worried.

Would I rather that these kinds of things not occur near my residence? Well…yeah.

But we do live in a time of random insanity. People are being shot at concerts in Las Vegas and bombers are being arrested in Munster.

Problems in our society, especially the widening gap between the wealthy and comfortable and the poor and struggling, are in the mix as to explaining some of the seemingly unexplainable events.

But to my mind, the one constant that makes bad situations deadly is the prevalence of weaponry in this country.

There certainly are problems in addressing the gun issue, since there are about as many guns in the US as there are people and there is, at least in my mind, a twisted interpretation of the 2nd amendment of the Constitution.

But it seems to me that there are exponentially worse problems with having this insanely weaponized citizenry.

Without weapons, the two incidents I described would have looked a lot different, or maybe wouldn’t have happened at all.


Congrats to St. Andrew Parish on its 125th anniversary. It’s the oldest continuous church in Calumet City.

Longtime resident Elsie Novak passed recently. She was the mother of former Cal City Library Director Vickie Novak. Peace to the family.

St. Victor Trivia coming November 11.

Thanks for reading.


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