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    Recently the Michigan City Police released a statement that four Jeeps had been stolen in the city with two more attempted thefts. Police coul…

      I can eat an Egg McMuffin every day. Maybe twice a day. I can have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a later-in-the-night snack. 

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        Parade season is underway. Firetrucks, marching bands, cheerleaders, clowns, politicians, candy and flyers. 

          The other day I was outside reading when a stray cat hopped on the table to see what was going on. This is one of two young cats that have bee…

            In 2012, not long after Bill Welter started Journeyman Distillery, in Three Oaks, Michigan, I traveled there to interview him for a "20 Under …

              The other day I walked into a popular clothing store and was stopped dead in my tracks immediately after walking into the menswear section.

                I just wrote a story on Valparaiso's new ice rink, and how there have been at least five engagements since it debuted in November. With Valent…

                  Always known best for his adolescent, underdog roles in 80s romantic/comedy films, Evanston-born John Cusack has had quite the resurgence in 2015. 

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