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Thank God for bye weeks. 

Last week provided a much-needed reprieve for Notre Dame football fans. 

The sun seemed to shine just a bit brighter. The lemonade tasted just a little bit sweeter knowing that upwards of four hours wouldn't have to be spent watching dreck. 

But this week the Irish are back in action. They take on Miami Saturday in South Bend. Unfortunately not Miami of Ohio but the University of Miami. 

Did you know that some people refer to Miami as "The U'?

And much like most of the programming on local TV station WCIU, also known as "The U", Miami has been borderline unwatchable of late as well. 

After a 4-0 start, the Hurricanes and first-year head coach Mark Richt have dropped three straight. That includes a 37-16 loss to Virginia Tech. 

In the 1980s, the rivalry between ND and Miami was known as "Catholics vs. Convicts." Maybe this year's rematch can be called the "Confused vs. Confounded."

Miami is the two-point favorite on the road. If you're gambling on this game, seek help immediately. 

Miami's defense somehow gives up more points a game than Notre Dame's. The Hurricanes allow 33.7 points to Notre Dame's stout 30.3.

Though to be fair, Notre Dame's PPG average was aided by playing a game in an actual, not metaphorical, hurricane. 

There is no trophy to go along with this rivalry game. No talking stick or magic bucket to be handed out. 

So these two teams are playing for pride or whatever.

The only way you could get me to watch this game in its entirety is if you taped my eyelids open a la "A Clockwork Orange."

By NCAA rule, someone has to win.

The winner claws ever closer to that magical 6-win mark and a shot at the Wiper Blade Bowl in some guys' Tampa backyard. 

The loser, which most likely will be Notre Dame, will only have themselves to blame. 

Oh who am I kidding? The Irish are coached by Brian Kelly. He'll have plenty of other people to blame. 


Night Editor