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Of all the groups and people I follow on Facebook, there is one whose posts I anxiously look forward to throughout the day.

She posts what she is eating, how she is feeling and other trivialities of life I otherwise find annoying on Facebook.

But with Esther it's different. Perhaps that's because she is a 650-pound pig who shares a home with her two dads and at least one dog and cat.

I am referring to the Facebook sensation Esther the Wonder Pig, who just this week celebrated her 1 millionth follower by heading out to the party supply store in a hat and outfit that has to be seen to be believed. She was planning for a party: "A really big one too, with lots of baked goods and adult grape juice."

Her photo and video posts, which go up several times a day, consistently have a co-worker and me cracking up or responding in awe to a touching message.

For example, her lists of personal interests on Facebook include, "Rooting in the gardens, Sleeping, Snoozing, Napping, EATING!!, Apples, Granola Bars, Dozing, Power Naps, Catching Z's, Shut Eye and sleepy time cuddles with my 2 dads and my other furry friends."

This is in sharp contrast to educational and often graphic posts I receive on Facebook from other vegan/animal rights groups or individuals.

Esther came to her dads misrepresented as a "micro pig," according to her Facebook page. She was born during summer 2012 as part of what is believed to have been a commercial farm litter.

Somehow she escaped the horrible fate of her mother, father and the rest of her litter, perhaps because she was a runt.

Her dads say, "We hope this page will make you take a minute to re-evaluate some of your daily choices, such as bacon for example. We always seem to prefer the 'I'd rather not think about it' approach, but if you took just a few minutes to learn how brutal life is for these loving, intelligent and compassionate animals I know it would change your mind and maybe even convince you to give a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle a chance."

"Esther has become a way for us to share that with other people, and hopefully help others see how smart and amazing these creatures are. We transitioned from our small home to open a farm sanctuary of our own to further help animals in need."

You don't have to be vegetarian or vegan to appreciate Esther or her posts. The posts are never heavy-handed or guilt provoking.

What they do is cast a far more accurate light on these amazing creatures and challenge the myths that they are dumb, dirty and somehow less deserving of life than our dogs or other animals lucky enough to be domesticated.

Guess that's why Esther's dads refer to her as "The luckiest pig on earth" and the "prettiest pig in the world."

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