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    Q: My mother has made changes to her will by crossing out a couple of names and writing in new ones. She has initialed the changes. I think she should make a new will but she doesn’t want to spend the money because she thinks this enough. Should she make a new will?

      The Federal Reserve has begun what it says will be a series of interest rate increases in an effort to slow the economy and temper the current surge in the inflation rate. At the start of 2022, the federal funds rate stood at near zero percent. By May, the Fed moved the federal funds rate 75…

        Inflation has returned with a vengeance, and not long after it was clear the trend was not going to be transitory, the questions and conversations about gold and silver as possible hedges against this unpleasant trend returned to my practice as well.

          In addition to production problems related to both the war and dry weather, the storage and export of wheat from Ukraine was further blocked by Russia. Early last week, Russia bombed two major storage facilities in ports on the Black Sea and shut down shipping with naval blockades.

            Making financial decisions takes time, attention and energy at any age. In the case of elderly adults, it may become increasingly difficult to manage daily finances, particularly if their health is declining or they’re experiencing a cognitive issue. If you’re providing support to aging pare…

              Let me apologize ahead of time; I’m afraid this column may be a tough. Maybe even a sleeper. But the topic is timely and extremely significant so I’m going to do it anyway. Once again, sorry.

              Buying a second home brings with it exciting possibilities. Perhaps it’s a place where you plan to make lasting family memories — or it will be your quiet refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whatever your vision for the property, it’s important to consider whether you’re read…

              If you’re retired, one of the biggest expenses you may be confronted with on a regular basis is health care. Even if you’re enrolled in Medicare, you may need to pay various medical costs out-of-pocket — and, in general, costs are going up, not down. Fortunately, there are tools that can hel…

              As has been quoted many times in this column, renowned economist Milton Friedman famously said, “Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.” Which means inflation is always caused by an imbalance in the supply of money, usually due to some sort of monetary system mismanagement.


              Our lungs, tides and markets cannot endure by moving in one direction only. Our bodies would perish, continents would flood, and economies would self-destruct were it not for corrections and cycles creating sustainability or relative stability.

              Q: Our father passed away recently and we can’t locate his will. We know that he created one but we can’t find it. How can we get a copy of it? Can the bar association help us out?

              As the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine has reminded us, when disaster strikes, people spring into action to help. Images of volunteers providing medical aid, shelter and meals to injured and displaced civilians are a heartwarming antidote to the otherwise horrifying backdrop of war.

              Foot travel through wilderness is hard. Every time I go into a wild place, such as our mountain region parks or the north woods, I am reminded even using the best topographical software and incredible tools like Google Earth to plan a route, you never really know how tough a hike is going to…

              We had a rare weekend free of obligations last week. With nothing holding us down, my wife Tracy, 12-year-old Ethan and I headed up to Southwest Michigan to enjoy the day bumming around and searching out some locally made snacks to have on hand for the coming summer season, and the return of…

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