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    A few weeks ago some Hoosiers were worried about the image of our state because of the ill-advised, ineptly named Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA. Gov. Mike Pence was so worried he decided to spend $750,000 with some opportunistic, out-of-state firm for Righteous Image Restoration…

      The General Assembly has gone home; Hoosiers are breathing easier again. Although our legislators did a few sensible things, this session will be remembered for the continuing irresponsible behavior of basically decent people.

        It is easy to understand legislators in Indiana and other states taking steps against public higher education. Public colleges and universities represent a different culture, a different set of values, a different point of view than are found in political and business lives.

        This column is NOT about the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA. I wrote that column and threw it away. The arrogance of those in the General Assembly who crafted and voted for the original bill and the non-fix, both signed by an irresponsible and unresponsive governor, is too depres…

        Indiana will be safe for another year. We will retain our regressive social agenda as the General Assembly stays busy passing meaningless, divisive legislation. Although politicians of all stripes recognize the need to attract progressive, educated people, our leaders insist on doing nothing…

        Data from the American Community Survey by the U.S. Bureau of the Census indicate that 5.5 million households or 4.8 percent of all American households have income and employer-paid benefits of $200,000 or more per year. You might call these the Top 5 percent households, just as we hear so o…

        Most communities entice businesses with subsidies or “incentives” to locate in their jurisdiction versus another. It’s seen as a necessary measure of competition. But now, even the oft-irrelevant Indiana General Assembly is looking into these practices.

        Last week’s column suggested the change in your county’s gross assessed value could be a good measure of local economic development. If you missed that column, please retrieve it from your recycle bin or bird cage.

        Once upon a time, in a land where we now live, citizens sought to improve their communities through something called “economic development.” They formed committees of local business and government leaders to encourage transportation and other public works improvements, the attraction of new …


        Today’s sermon, members of the choir, will be upon the twin topics of gambling and guns. Now, I know that people don’t like to be told how to conduct their lives, but it needs to be done.

        With the Indiana General Assembly in session, the division of funds among Indiana’s 92 counties is once again before us. In recent discussions with a former state legislator, he claimed Marion County always got more than it deserved.

        Elected officials want to be re-elected. To achieve that end, they want us to believe they are responsible for the good things that happen. They want us to ignore bad things, or at least conclude they are not the cause of the bad things.

        Just days before the big night, Elvin Elfenhousen, my confidential informant at the North Pole, told me, “The Big Guy’s in a daze. Santa thinks we may have overdone it on presents this year.”

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