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Caffeine and fat burn, golf and walking, protein and kidney disease, diet and inflammation, blood sugar and hunger
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Caffeine and fat burn, golf and walking, protein and kidney disease, diet and inflammation, blood sugar and hunger

Java jolt feeds the burn

A new study suggests that if you drink a cup of coffee in the afternoon before exercising, you are more likely to burn more fat.

Researchers at the Queen Mary University of London gave participants caffeine or a placebo before they exercised in the morning or afternoon. The study found that afternoon exercisers who consumed caffeine before working out burned fat at a 29% higher rate than participants who were given the placebo.

Source: Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition

Walk, don't ride, when golfing 

Everyone knows exercise is good for you, but there are still questions about how much exercise an individual should get, and what types of benefits are maximized.

To help answer these questions, researchers at the University of Oxford in England analyzed data from more than 90,000 adults to check what participants developed heart disease years after joining the study. While the researchers found that being active protected against heart disease, they found those who walked more than two hours a day — such as during a round of golf — did not experience an increase in heart disease.

Doctors say those who take up golf, especially as exercise, should opt for walking instead of riding in a cart to reap the extra benefits.

Source: University of Oxford

Protein's effect on kidney disease

A new study shows yet another reason it’s important to have a healthy, balanced diet.

Researchers at Seoul National University College of Medicine examined the ratios of calories from macronutrients that study participants consumed. The goal was to look at how the diet affects chronic kidney disease.

The researchers established a baseline ratio of 50% carbohydrates, 35% fats and 15% protein. They found that subjects who had a higher relative protein intake and had a normal kidney function experienced a significantly lower risk of developing chronic kidney disease and end-stage kidney disease. Participants who had a higher fat intake had a higher risk of impaired kidney function.

Source: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Inflammation? Some dietary causes

The food and beverages you eat may fuel changes in your gut that can lead to health issues such as inflammation. That’s according to a new study that analyzed microbiome samples from more than 1,100 individuals.

Dutch researchers found several nutrients and foods that were linked to different metabolic processes and bacteria. Foods linked to the production of more “bad” gut bacteria and inflammation included processed foods, fast food, strong alcoholic drinks, sugar and animal-based products.

Foods linked to producing more “good” gut bacteria included fish, nuts, plant-based foods, vegetables, yogurt and red wine.

Source: Gut journal

Blood sugar dips boost hunger

If you find yourself hungry all the time, your blood sugar may be to blame.

Researchers from King's College London have linked sudden drops in blood sugar to eating extra calories each day. This can then lead to weight gain over a year.

After examining a group of people’s eating patterns and providing blood sugar response tests and glucose monitors, researchers found many people experience large “sugar dips” two to four hours after eating a meal before bouncing back.

Those who experienced this dip displayed a 9% increase in hunger, and therefore were more likely to eat their next meal more quickly than those who did not.

Those who experienced sugar dips were more likely to eat an average of 300 more calories per day than those who did not.

Source: King’s College London


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