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CHESTERTON | Orlee Glazer is bringing a blend of ballet, Pilates, barre classes and stretch conditioning to region women with her M.O.M.s Method barre fitness facility.

“I took the best from these and when combined together, along with the stretch component, it helps create a long, lean physique,” Glazer said. “It strengthens and lengthens muscles. No one wants to be bulky.”

The Mind Over Matter Studio Method centers on women, Glazer said.

“I want to offer something for women that they need throughout their pregnancies: strengthening the pelvic floor, upper body, hips and bones,” she said. “As women get older, they lose muscle. This is really developing muscles similar to yoga and helping reverse the signs of osteoporosis. The small little isometric movements burn out the muscle and lengthen it.”

The studio offers classes throughout the week along with child care. Classes combine upper body with light weights, use of the barre for “sides and seats,” stretching after each set, core work at the end and a find stretch component to wrap up the hour-long session.

“The environment is very comfortable, friendly and open,” Glazer said.

The M.O.M.s Method builds on Glazer’s background in ballet.

“I grew up dancing ballet and went to a pre-professional school and danced at the New York City Ballet School’s School of American Ballet,” she said. “It was very intense training and a commitment. I decided not to enter the ballet world and chose to go to college.”

Graduating from Duke University with an economics degree and a dance minor, she worked as a Realtor for eight years while being exposed to the barre technique through taking classes in New York and Baltimore.

After moving to Northwest Indiana a year ago, she saw an opportunity to offer region women a new fitness method.

“If I loved barre so much, others would too. I was certified in April 2013 and started teaching at local facilities and people loved it,” she said.

Glazer and her instructors look to add more classes down the road, including classes tailored to women at certain points in life including pregnancy, post-partum or menopause.

“It’s mind over matter. If you want to do it, you can. If you want to achieve it, you can achieve it here,” Glazer said. “If you have fun, you will want to come back and see results and that is the goal.”