Spine Doctor Spurs Change: Tyndall performs alternative to spinal fusion

Part of Munster’s Spine Care Specialists’ team of highly trained professionals at the forefront of spine care, Dr. Dwight Tyndall holds the BRYAN® Cervical Disc prosthesis.

Franciscan Physicians Hospital and a Spine Care Specialists physician are turning heads, literally.

In the ever-expanding realm of health care innovation stands Dwight Tyndall, M.D., one of the Midwest’s top spine surgeons, who is now utilizing Medtronic’s BRYAN® Cervical Disc System to raise the bar in cervical disc replacement.

Tyndall and his surgical partner Nitin Khanna, M.D. performed Northwest Indiana’s first cervical disk replacement January 30 at Franciscan Physicians Hospital, which accommodated the unique requirements for the procedure.

"Our team approach to spine surgery is extremely successful," Khanna explained. "Together we provide optimal surgical outcomes."

Tracey Franovich, VP of Operations and Chief Nursing Officer at Franciscan Physicians Hospital, is excited for the possibilities the BRYAN Cervical Disc System offers.

“Surgery is always an intimidating time for patients, especially when loss of mobility is involved,” she said. “The BRYAN Cervical Disc System changes the options for individuals with disc degeneration. Our hospital is excited to provide the top-tier, caring environment where this procedure is possible.”

Tyndall’s 51-year old patient is pleased with the outcome of the procedure, which takes less than two hours.

“I had a fusion done six years ago, which put limitations on my movement,” he added. “After this procedure I came home and was walking around the next day able to fend for myself. If I had to do it again, I would choose the BRYAN Disc.”

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“While the surgical time is roughly the same as a fusion, the BRYAN Cervical Disk System brings a multitude of benefits to the patient,” Tyndall said. “Our utilization of this system preserves patients’ range of motion where fusion diminishes it.”

The BRYAN Cervical Disc System is indicated only for patients with single-level cervical disease. Benefits of this cervical disc replacement system are many including preserved mobility and the possible elimination of adjacent level breakdown.

“We chose this system over others on the market because of the new disc technology it utilizes,” Tyndall added. “It’s an evolution of preexisting technologies that extends favorable outcomes for patients who’ve exhausted all non-surgical options.”

Comprising two titanium shells and a polyurethane core, the FDA-approved BRYAN Disc prosthetic device is inserted between the vertebrae to replace the natural spinal disc. Its design maintains ranges of motion in the neck while the standard procedure, anterior cervical discectomy and fusion, does not.

“The BRYAN Disc System has proven successful statistically by offering superior outcomes in overall success,” Tyndall said. “While we’re currently limited to single level disease, it’s an outstanding option for patients who demand the most versatile post-operative lifestyle.”

Common symptoms of disc deterioration include neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, numbness and tingling in the hands or extremities.

“Cervical disc replacement extends the patient’s options far beyond the traditional approach,” Tyndall added. “I’m excited to be on these forefronts of evolution in spine technology.”

For more information on Spine Care Specialists and the BRYAN Cervical Disc System, visit www.spinecarespecialists.com.