"Putting out fires" is just a part of Jacqueline von Ogden's job, but she's not a firefighter. She works for a cyber security firm that serves clients such as NASA, the U.S. Air Force, the Chicago Stock Exchange and the Milwaukee Brewers — just to name a few.

Whether communicating with clients, writing press releases, fixing typos, making updates on the website, tracking online analytics, strategizing marketing or scripting a video — von Ogden said she always has her hands full at the Merrillville-based company.

"It depends on what the focus is for that week," von Ogden said of her daily job duties. "But is it always busy and is there always something to do? Yes."

Cimcor markets its own CimTrak branded security software that can provide intrusion detection and realtime remediation for client's IT systems and files. It is used in the payment card, health, banking and other industries. In simple terms, CimTrak protects computers from cyberattacks.

Von Ogden has worked at Cimcor for almost three years and is the company's director of marketing and communications.

"Our product can be used in so many different bubbles, and that's the beauty of it," von Ogden said. "Chicago Stock Exchange is one of our clients, however, we also have half a dozen to a dozen universities. We also have a mom and pop shop that loves our software because they really don't want anything to get through."

Cimcor's corporate headquarters are nestled inconspicuously in the business office-populated Virginia Street in Merrillville. It houses 18 employees who collectively run the global-reaching company. Cimcor also uses contract workers in remote locations. Rarely are all of the employees in the Merrillville office at the same time. Because they're working with clients in many different time zones, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. doesn't quite always cut it, von Ogden said.

As they begin to offer their webinars, or live interactive online seminars, in more countries, von Ogden can see herself shooting live at 3 a.m. for overseas clients.

Her description of her work culture: "It never stops." Which she said is only natural in the technology world.

"I have the luxury of being surrounded with some of the smartest people in tech," von Ogden said.

In Cybersecurity Ventures’ “Top 500 cybersecurity companies for 2016,” Cimcor Inc. was ranked 75th worldwide.

And von Ogden's number one goal is to continue pushing the company's growth further. Cimcor President and CEO Robert Johnson III said she "naturally adapts in an industry where change is the only constant."

"The most important project on which she is currently working is the execution of our inbound marketing strategy," Johnson said. "This is a multifaceted campaign that requires the coordination of artists, bloggers, content developers, editors and a variety of technology platforms.

"This is a new form of marketing, and as a result, there is a tremendous amount of learning necessary to do it properly and to modify our methods mid-stream, to new information."

Cimcor's reach extends globally, and this past summer it expanded that global reach to West Africa, serving organizations in Nigeria.

That means von Ogden not only deals with language barriers but tech-lingo barriers as well. Working at Cimcor has made her a constant student of the technology industry and its terms, she said.

"I am very passionate ..." von Ogden said. "At the end of the day it's communications, and my love for communications in general is really what drives me to do this, whether it's framing, email messaging, or an ad or a blog or recording. ... Because of all of the changes that have occurred I love it. I suppose my passion is showing, because I really do love it."

How she got the job

Von Ogden studied public relations, journalism and communications at Purdue Northwest for her undergrad. She earned her master's degree in organizational communication there in 2015.

Von Ogden had known Cimcor CEO Johnson from when they both served on a board of Purdue alumni about a decade ago. When they had a chance meeting about three years ago, Johnson offered von Ogden work as a paid communications consultant at Cimcor. After a year, it turned into a full-time position.

She had various jobs in the public relations sector over the years, but none like Cimcor, she said. When asked what her daily routine looks like, she said every day is different, and so is every client.

Expected job growth

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics occupational handbook, job growth in the public relations field is forecast to be 6 percent from 2014 to 2024, as fast as the average for job growth across the board for all occupations. As for the other side of von Ogden's work, there is a 9 percent expected growth for those in the marketing and promotions sector.

Within the field of information security analysis in which she works, there is a projected growth of 18 percent, much faster than the national average. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes the number of responsibilities of workers in this occupation is constantly expanding as the number of cyberattacks increase.