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This week on the NWI Byline podcast, we continue our coverage of the lead- and arsenic-contaminated West Calumet Housing Complex.

Part II of the series looks at who lives in the complex and what their concerns are. From getting their kids tested to current health concerns, we talk to a plethora of residents and experts about what the high levels might mean.

We also talk to public safety reporters Sarah Reese and Lauren Cross about what reporting on this story has looked like so far.

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This week on our That’s So Region podcast, the panel convenes to chat about our biggest headlines of the week, including alcohol sales coming to Dunes State Park pavilion and a new proposal for a Region convention center. Plus, we dig into the hearty allure of lemon rice soup.

Plus, football season is here, ready or not. Our Friday Night Insight podcast is back to talk about week one of the season.

Our experts, Steve Hanlon and Jim Peters, will be here every Friday to break down the week’s schedule and talk about who’s looking good and who’s, well, not.

Also, don’t miss our Railcats post game wrap-ups with RailCats manager Greg Tagert. Tagert discusses his team’s ups and downs and what the team is up to next.

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