PODCAST: Byline - A grocery giant bids goodbye to its community

Over the last few weeks the details of Central Grocers and the eventual sale of Strack & Van Til have come to light. The grocery chain has been a go-to spot for Region shoppers and an enormous bolster for the community.

Strack & Van Til provided support for community organizations from Little Leagues to charities. It also donated loads of food items to local food banks and pantries.

The latest episode of Byline talks with local community leaders at the forefront of this issue and how they are coming to terms with the eventual sale.

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Kale is a photojournalist and digital producer with the Times. He is a Region native, hailing from Schererville. He shoots photos, writes feature stories and produces Byline, a Times podcast. Email: kale.wilk@nwi.com Phone: 219-933-3393