PODCAST: Byline - The movement out of (and into) the Region, Part 2

Last time, Byline took a look at how many are opting to leave the Region for different opportunities or a better quality of life. However, there's many still coming.

According to recent data from 2015, over 34,000 people left Illinois that year to come to Indiana. A significant amount came to the Region. More often than not, they try to escape a state with one of the highest tax burdens in the country.

Are lower taxes the Region's saving grace? Or are there innovations and pushes to spur its economic growth as well? Byline takes a look in the second part of its examination into population loss and gain in the Region.

Visuals and Online Interactives Director

Kale is a photojournalist and digital producer with the Times. He is a Region native, hailing from Schererville. He shoots photos, writes feature stories and produces Byline, a Times podcast. He is a graduate of Indiana University.