UPDATE - PODCAST: Byline - Immigrants shape the Region

The election of Donald Trump as president of the United States was a sign of change and hope for some, but also a sign of worry for others. While he campaigned, President Trump's language in calling Mexicans criminals and rapists and wanting a shutdown of Muslims entering the U.S. stirred concern among immigrants. The call for restrictions on who enters the land of the free and home of the brave is not old. It is similar to actions taken during perceived danger or crisis. However, immigrants have contributed to the Region's livelihood and culture since its very beginning. How do we look back at our roots and make a welcoming community for those that are different from us?

UPDATE: Contains comments from Mike Simpson, Porter County Republican Party chairman.

Digital Producer/Staff Photographer

Kale is a photojournalist and digital producer with the Times. He is a Region native, hailing from Schererville. He shoots photos, writes feature stories and produces Byline, a Times podcast. He is a graduate of Indiana University.