The Times columnist and Investigative Editor Marc Chase toured Tennessee and Georgia battlefields last week where Northwest Indiana men of the 9th Indiana Infantry, 73rd Indiana Infantry and 4th Indiana Light Artillery fought during the Civil War. Chase's photos show grounds upon which region men fought at the Battle of Stones River (Dec. 31, 1862-Jan. 2, 1863 in Murfreesboro, Tenn.) and Battle of Chickamauga (Sept. 19-20, 1863 near Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.). In particular, the 9th Indiana Infantry, commanded by Valparaiso Col. Isaac Suman, withstood heaving fighting at both battles, which are ranked among the war's bloodiest engagements. In fact, the 9th Indiana Infantry garnered the nickname, the "Bloody 9th" because of its hard fighting in nearly every major battle of the war's western theater. Chase's photos, some of which were taken in lingering fog just after sunrise, provide a glimpse of preserved battlefields where region men endured some of the most brutal fighting in America's bloodiest war.