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Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

Carson's gets new life online after acquisition by Merrillville-based DirectBuy parent company

The beloved department store Carson's will live on to sell clothes, televisions and dining tables — online anyway. Read more

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NWI Business Briefing

Coldwell Banker names new president over Northwest Indiana, greater Chicagoland

The nation's largest residential real estate brokerage company picked a new president to oversee Northwest Indiana, greater Chicagoland, so… Read more

Craft brewery tanks pass through Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor

A Bell's 12-pack arrived at the Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor last week — a 12-pack of 25,353-pound brewery tanks that stretch 40 feet long … Read more

USW 'makes slow progress' with U.S. Steel

The United Steelworkers union and U.S. Steel have been meeting frequently in Pittsburgh after union members authorized a potential strike a… Read more

Early results in ArcelorMittal vote back strike authorization

ArcelorMittal steelworkers voted Monday across Northwest Indiana on strike authorization, and the early results show a willingness to go on… Read more



Northwest Indiana people no longer have to clean their gutters

Skip gutter cleaning this summer.


Northwest Indiana residents find comfort, mobility, and savings with an American Standard Walk-In Tub

Call (888) 252-0208 to learn more about relieving pain, staying independent, and make bathing safer again. Save up to $1,500 on a Walk-In T…

National Business Briefing

The Awful Truth About Expanding Social Security Benefits

As much as the public would like to see Social Security payouts increased, the chance of that happening is virtually zero. Read more

Liz Reyer: What to do when the boss wanted that project done yesterday

Q: I'm a project manager whose executive sponsors continually push back on my project time estimates. They want unrealistically short timelines, and, what's worse, they promise them to other stakeholders. What do I do? _George, 40, project manager A: You need active strategies to manage your renegade sponsors. First of all, you might be pretty angry right now. But acting on that won't help ... Read more

The Worst Lie to Put on Your Resume

This one's just plain bad news. Read more

Active Versus Passive Funds

There are notable differences between active and passive funds, and understanding the difference is important to your investment process. Read more

3 Lessons Small-Business Owners Can Learn From "Shark Tank"

The show offers entrepreneurs a lot they can apply to their own businesses. Read more

Claiming Social Security Early Could Increase Your Risk of Old-Age Poverty, Data Shows

Thinking of taking benefits as soon as possible? You may need a new plan instead. Read more

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