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Most loved this week

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Do hospitals, Dems profit from increase in COVID fatalities?

The Center for Disease Control's website contains some amazing news on the COVID-19 death toll. Acc…

SCOTT SHELLADY: Vaccines are not the answer

Thank you all for your feedback on my comments in these columns. Some of it can be pretty harsh but…

Valpo's Tommy Burbee runs all over Chesterton in DAC victory

“The rivalry adds to it, but I think we’re just at our prime right now,” Burbee said. “We’ve had all these practices and we’re learning from our mistakes in the other two games. We’re full speed ahead.”

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Protesters' rhetoric disrespecting police should be illegal

When are we going to start arresting these protesters for their rhetoric? To disrespect a police of…

NWI Business Ins and Outs: Cajun Crab House opens at Southlake Mall, Veleros Restaurant brings menu from acclaimed chef to Valpo

NWI Business Ins and Outs: Cajun Crab House Boil and Bar opens at Southlake Mall, Veleros Restaurant brings lobster tacos and menu from chef with Michelin star to Valpo

Man serving life requests death for Indiana prison slaying

Tommy P. Holland is currently at the Indiana State Prison in Michigan City.



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