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Tuesday, December 7th, 2021

MARC CHASE: Don't reward councilman's thuggery with additional power

#Thuggery It's the social media hashtag threatening to define Lake County government as long as Jamal Washington lingers on our Region's already tarnished political scene. Read more

MARC CHASE: Hammond mom, family show benevolence in face of tragedy, disrespect

First it was the excruciating loss of her teenage son in a car crash caused by the boy's best friend, who at the time had marijuana in his … Read more

MARC CHASE: Councilman continues disgraceful charade

A recently jailed, previously convicted wife batterer strutted around Tuesday's Lake County Council meeting like he owned the place. Read more

MARC CHASE: Elected apologists absent among Buncich letters?

Wisdom may finally be prevailing in a Region political system often defined by elected leaders standing up for their wayward  — even crimin… Read more

MARC CHASE: Reflecting on NWI corruption, human triumphs in 2017

The real-life themes behind some of my most-read columns of 2017 are a mix of maddening, appalling and uplifting. Read more

DOUG ROSS: Teach about state, local government in high school

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb’s legislative agenda includes five pillars, but there was nearly a sixth that would have dealt with civics and ci… Read more

MARC CHASE: Jamal Washington's new domestic violence allegations renew a shameful stain

It never should have gotten this far. Read more

MARC CHASE: Disgraced councilman provides case study in corruption warning signs

We all must wonder — when sitting public officials defend those who've done wrong — how much the apologists themselves are hiding. Read more

BOB HEISSE: Turkey-sized paper stuffed with content, deals for Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving paper will tip the scales at five pounds again this year, and it will include all of the news and shopping bargains you’ll… Read more

DOUG ROSS: Two windfalls, two ways of serving common good

Porter County and LaPorte residents have at least one thing in common that many communities don’t. They each have a big pot of cash thanks … Read more