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Sculpture exhibit at SideCar looks at man's relationship with natural world

Jennifer Buffington's work will be displayed at SideCar Gallery in Hammond.

HAMMOND — Jennifer Buffington's exhibit, Site Recorded In Form at SideCar Gallery, explores humanity's relationship with the natural world.

"These pieces are 'recorded' bits of her experience traveling through the western United States; an attempt at re-imagining that landscape in form," the gallery said in a news release. "The works are larger than the viewer, installed in groups that we must navigate through, just as we do when moving through the landscape itself. The formal relationship of the objects with the viewer and with each other is highlighted through form and scale."

Buffington has an MFA from Temple University in Philadelphia. She's displayed her work in Philly, Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta.

It's her first solo exhibit in the gallery at 411 Huehn St. in Hammond. 

SideCar said in an announcement her sculptures capture some of the majesty of the great outdoors.

"They are based on forms that are created by the geologic forces at play in this world, forms built over great spans of time through the depositing of sedimentary material laid down over eons which are then sculpted by the process of erosion, forms that directly reference 'geologic time,'" the news release stated. "Jennifer's construction process mimics those natural forces, albeit in a severely compressed manner, building the forms up with layers of different colored foam, carving back into and revealing those layers."

The exhibit opens Saturday and runs through Dec. 9.

SideCar is open by appointment and from 1 to 6 p.m. Saturday.

For more information, visit or call 708-337-1090.


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